Sports, food and fun is Instant Replay recipe

Jul 23, 2002 3:59 AM

The owners of Instant Replay & Villa Pizza are on a mission of customer satisfaction, so what better plan of attack than the stomach.

"People who come from the East Coast and are pizza lovers eat here because they know this is the closest if not the best pizza they’ve ever had," co-owner Hank Kripitz said in describing the multi-faceted operation. "We have gone the extra mile to create the right product. Customer service is top priority."

The larger version of this restaurant/sports bar, founded by Carmine Bento, is located on Marks Street in Henderson. Kripitz and co-owner Tony Leone opened this outlet May 16 and has seen a steady stream of regular clientele.

"The location (West Flamingo between Decatur and Jones) was perfect," Kripitz said. "People in the neighborhood were waiting for us to open. We are just 2½ miles from the Strip and the ideal spot for casino workers to come in, relax and get a good meal 24 hours a day."

The menu, ranging from eggs, burgers and sandwiches, to fine Italian cuisine, is elaborate under head chef Bobby Peavley, who studied his craft under Bento in the 1970s when the restaurant was located in Commercial Center off Karen and Maryland Pkwy.

"I saw all this evolve," Peavley said. " I grew up on this. People rant and rave about our New York style pizza. Our Chicken Marcella and rigatoni are excellent. We serve meals they all rant and rave about. Pastas, clams made just like New York. We’ve got it all and the quality is the very best."

The owners, though, are not just satisfied with a winning restaurant. They want to make a mark in the community.

"The Villa Pizza name is synonymous with the best pizza in Las Vegas, but we also want to be known as providing the best entertainment and atmosphere for the sports-minded person," Kripitz said.

"It’s necessary to create a homey atmosphere where people will come back again and again," Leone said. "Hey, we even have live plants. You will never see people in here yelling and screaming cuss words. Families can bring their kids and feel comfortable."

The restaurant plans to have special packages during the football season for college and the NFL, while managing to avoid an affiliation to one team.

"We are neutral," Kripitz said. "We will show every NFL game that is on, as well as Monday Night Football. "There will be television boxes at each table so that customers can turn on the games they want to see. We think that’s a nice little perk."

Looking out for the customer comes easy for the co-owners, who have 35 years experience in the casino and hospitality industry.

"We understand how customers like to be treated and Bobby knows what they like to eat," Leone said. "The combination of the three of us can’t miss. We can do everything wrong, and still be good."

There are promotions every Tuesday night that offer $500 raffle prizes to customers.

"It’s just our way of saying we appreciate the business," Kripitz said. "We want to do everything for the customer to make them feel at home. Normal people need a meeting place. We’re like Cheers. All we need is Norm."