Broadway’s Mamma Mia headed to Mandalay?

Jul 23, 2002 5:16 AM

I’m never one to say, "I told you so," but I will say, "See?" Storm finally closed at Mandalay Bay after weeks of speculation on my part that the mixed-media production was having problems filling the seats.

Here’s another first on what might take its place this fall: The music of Abba as presented by the Broadway musical, "Mamma Mia," should blow into town by October. No, it’s not "Phantom of the Opera," or "The Lion King" or any of the other possibilities. It’s "Mamma Mia!"

Last week Burt Reynolds put on an interesting show in which he told stories about his colorful life. I think he could have moved around stage better if his pants weren’t so tight. I thought Angel Flights went out with Donna Summer.

In the audience was the Oscar-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins and the Siegfried and Roy prodigy, Darren Romeo. There was also a relic known as Rip Taylor. I thought he left town when Debbie Reynolds closed her Hollywood antiques museum.

We were doing some filming over at the Rio last weekend, along with former supermodel Anna Nicole Smith. The Rio recently reported that it is closing five of its restaurants, and it appeared that Anna Nicole single-handedly consumed three of them herself! Obviously, she can no longer slip into a pair of Guess jeans.

The Orleans continues to offer entertainment that’s familiar, warm and fuzzy, especially for the boomer crowd. The Tower of Power gets the ball rolling on Aug. 2, with Gordon Lightfoot following on Aug. 8, Bobby Vinton on the 15th and the great Neal Sedaka on Aug. 20. Throw in disc jockey Wolfman Jack and you’d have a 60’s Revival!

Sometimes, not so familiar groups or names can surprise you. Case in point is McKenna Medley and Street Wise, who will be at the Suncoast on Aug. 3-4. This is a new group, with McKenna leading the vocals with a memorable singing voice. Of course, she had a good start ”” her dad is Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers, who are appearing across town at the Las Vegas Hilton.

At a recent dinner with Steve Lippier, I learned that our friend David Cassidy might take The Rat Pack is Back back to Florida. It’s a shame such an entertaining show isn’t playing somewhere in Las Vegas.

Que bonita! The Egyptian Ballroom at the Luxor will be the setting for a special evening honoring women of Spanish descent. It’s the Senoras of Excellence Award to be held on Aug 2. The event acknowledges women who have given their time and effort to improving the community. Event coordinator Sandy Peltyn promises a night filled with dinner, dancing and the well-deserved awards. I intend to be there with bells on. If not bells, then at least a feathered boa or two.

Linda Blair is a Vegan. The former child star who became famous for throwing up on a priest in The Exorcist has been eating healthy at The Raw Truth vegetarian restaurant. The all natural diet has helped. She looks fantastic. Maybe she could star in a remake, The Exorcist Versus Sin City. The possibilities are endless!

This weekend might be a good time to avoid walking along the Strip from the Stratosphere to Mandalay Bay. It seems that there’s a promotion for breast cancer awareness in which 10,000 bras will be stretched across the Strip. If that isn’t a sight to rock your molars, I don’t know what is.

Regardless of the obvious dangers of getting wrapped up in all that elastic and rubber, the fund-raising event is for a good cause, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and there will even be a celebrity bra auction. Among the notable who will be in attendance are Sunny from the Rio, Rita Rudner, Marlene Ricci, Chrissie Scinta, Melinda (didn’t know she wore a bra), Sheena Easton and Frank Marino, who probably has the best figure of the bunch.

If there are any die-hard Disco fans still out there, check out the Experience Music Project in Seattle, which is seeking photos, costumes, props, platform shoes, roach clips, silk shirts or anything else that you brought with your from the Disco Era. An exhibit is scheduled for November, so you have plenty of time to rattle through your well-stocked attic