Planet Bingo takes players out of this world

Jul 23, 2002 6:25 AM

Today’s bingo players seem to be more interested than ever before in the lure of potential giant jackpots. There has been an onslaught of new progressive games with jackpots that can soar to as high or higher than six figures. The cost of validation to be eligible for the progressives is usually very nominal (most often, $1), so players are willing to take the extra chance at a possible big payday. (On the other hand, unfortunately, we always hear horror stories about someone who hit a progressive but didn’t pay for validation too!)

Planet Bingo is the newest progressive to hit the Las Vegas valley. Actually it’s five separate progressive jackpots that are up for grabs during every regular session game. You’ll find Planet Bingo, (replacing the former Cashball games), at the Gold Coast, Suncoast and the Plaza.

Here’s a quick look at the general rules and an explanation of how Planet Bingo is played:

1. There are no rule changes to how you play any regular bingo game. You play bingo exactly as you always have.

2. Prior to the start of each game, Planet Bingo "colors-up" the 75 balls on big screen television-type monitors throughout the hall, dividing them into five color groups. The division of colors is seven blue, 10 green, 12 purple, 21 red and 25 yellow.

3. When a player hits a bingo, if the straight-line portion of the winning pattern is of all one color, the player not only wins the regular game payout, but the progressive payout as well! The jackpot then recycles and is available for the very next game.

4. Since the chance to hit a Bingo on yellow, for example, is greater than the chance to Bingo on blue, (because there are only seven blue colored balls versus 25 yellow), the starting jackpots also increase by color. Again by example, the yellow progressive jackpot may start out at around $500 to the blue jackpot starting at as much as $10,000. They continue to "progress" until won, and then unlike the former Cashball jackpot, immediately re-set to become available for the next game.

It is even possible, (albeit unusually unlikely), to win more than one jackpot per game. In a game that requires two straight line bingo’s to win, (as in double bingo), it is possible that the two lines could each be of a different color. The player could potentially collect three jackpots. One for the regular game and two for the colored progressive jackpots!

The cost to play is a $1 validation fee and is good for the entire session. That’s about 9 cents per game, (based on 11 games not including the coverall game), and about 2 cents per colored jackpot per game.

MPBingo, (which stands for Multi-Progressive Bingo), the company responsible for Planet Bingo, has been available at Indian Bingo Halls for years. Planet Bingo has paid out in excess of four million dollars over the past three years. Over $50,000 alone has been paid out at the Gold Coast, Suncoast and Plaza since its inception here just a few short weeks ago! That’s a lot of "out of this world" bingo jackpots!

Until next week”¦May you all shout ”¦ "B-I-N-G-O!"