Time for Mets to play spoiler

Jul 23, 2002 8:13 AM

Games for week ending July 28.

Reds at Mets: Three games that are important to Cincinnati. Mets playing out the string, though it’s not even August. The Mets have picked up their game of late and play spoiler role here. Al Leiter has been good of late and continues.

Marlins at Expos: The Expos looked like they were headed for a wild card. Bartolo Colon has been pitching well, but the team has fallen apart. The Marlins have been atrocious of late, but seem of be coming out of it. Looking for Brad Penny to win, but Expos to grab other two games.

Phils at Braves: The Braves can’t lose for winning. They are dynamite at this time. Smoltz rescues starters and it’s game, set, match. Greg Maddux and Jason Marquis grab a couple of wins.

Rockies at Brewers: The Brewers can’t win consistently, but can score runs. Watch for OVERS in this series.

Pirates at Astros: The Pirates are banging the ball pretty good, but what do they do in this handball court? Look for more OVERS here. Double play if Joe Beimel takes the hill for the Bucs. Runs aplenty.

Cubs at Cards: The Cards don’t have too much opposition in NL Central, but lack of pitching makes them vulnerable. Pirates scored 24 runs against the St. Louis "Smith Brothers." Cubs pitching can cause problems, especially Mark Prior and Carlos Zambrano.

San Diego Padres at Diamondbacks: The Padres gave Arizona visits at home. Now they hit the road. Going against D’backs when Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson aren’t on the mound. Brian Lawrence vs. Schilling should be interesting at plus 1½ runs.

Dodgers at Giants: Los Angeles pitching tough, however hitting a problem. Kurt Rueter and Jason Schmidt can handle Dodger lineup. Double play vs. Andy Ashby.

O’s at Red Sox: Orioles a problem for contenders and pretenders. Red Sox no bargain except when Pedro Martinez takes the hill. Sox have conceded top spot in AL East to Yanks. Just playing for wild card. Driskill and Ponson put crimp in Sox plans.

Tigers at Indians: Season is over for both, though it’s still July. Your call here.

Yanks at D’Rays: Tampa Bay is mired in last, but plays hard. Yanks have too much firepower, but the price to too high. No play this series.

A’s at Rangers: Texas has proved to one and all an inability to win on the road. Now the Rangers will prove that home is no bargain either. Oakland pitching too strong, but we like the Rangers against Ted Lilly. Righty hitters should hit Lilly in Texas.

Royals at ChiSox: The Royals are determined to finish second in the AL Central, which makes them dangerous. Byrd and Ascenio take two from Sox.

Angels at M’s: Anaheim sweep of Seattle last week puts them in position to challenge for first. Going with Ortiz and Sele to cut further inroads into Mariners lead.

Jays at Twins: Two hottest teams in AL meet in "Homer Dome." Twins have a decided advantage here, but don’t overlook Toronto’s power surge. Twins come out on top with Mays and Lohse on the mound.