AC Coin embraces bill acceptors

Jul 23, 2002 8:34 AM

AC Coin & Slot, the exclusive distributor of IGT gaming machines in Atlantic City and the Caribbean, has signed a deal with MEI, the world’s leading manufacturer of payment systems, to include the MEI 1200 bill acceptor in all new AC Coin gaming machines.

The inclusion of the cutting-edge MEI bill acceptor with AC Coin’s original machines, streamlines the product acquisition process and links casino operators with one source for ongoing service.

"Casino managers have told us they need high performing products that reduce down time and the need for technical support," said Neale Wade, MEI’s sales director for gaming. "By combining highly reliable MEI bill acceptors with sales support programs through the AC Coin & Slot network, we are helping casinos operate more effectively and concentrate on other aspects of their business."

In addition to shifting to a newly integrated sales support model, the inclusion of MEI bill acceptors with AC Coin & Slot products enables casino managers to choose from recently launched AC Coin & Slot products, which are developed on the IGT platform. MEI has manufactured proven transaction electronics, such as the 1200 series bill acceptor, since the 1970s.

"We find MEI to have the most sophisticated optical recognition system of any in use today," said Mac Seelig, founder and president of New Jersey-based AC Coin & Slot.

As part of the agreement, MEI will add innovative transaction systems technology and support casino technician training through a four-tier program for each AC Coin & Slot customer.

Advantages include:

1. A comprehensive MEI warranty covers the entire bill acceptor for three years, allowing technicians time to understand the operation and functions of the product before being required to sell it.

2. Additionally, MEI provides an operator training program to educate technicians about how to service the mechanisms.

3. Through the direct exchange program, casinos have the option of maintaining a pool of on-site spares available around the clock to allow quick exchanges and reduce down time.

4. Casinos will have one contact through AC Coin & Slot to coordinate with MEI’s central repair services.