Survey: upscale boomers are key

Jul 23, 2002 9:18 AM

A survey released last week sheds light on the millions of players who visit commercial casinos. Marketing executives should take heed of some of the results.

First, the survey, commissioned by Harrah’s, points out the median household income of casino gamblers is $49,753 versus $41,343 for the overall U.S. population. Moreover, 35 percent of Americans with annual household income levels above $95,000 gamble in casinos, while only 22 percent of adults in homes earning less than $35,000 are casino players.

Also, the typical casino player is middle-aged and more likely to be female, according to the survey. The median age of casino gamblers is 46, with casino participation peaking in the 51-56 age group. The male/female ratio of casino players is 45 percent/55 percent, while the ratio among the overall U.S. population is 48 percent/52 percent.

As for the typical players games of choice, they prefer slot machines and video poker to table games, 74 percent versus 14 percent. Table games, the survey noted, seems to be most popular among younger players, and least popular with the oldest players. Men, however, are more likely to prefer table games than women, twice as likely.