Still stewing over Hollywood Park judges

Jul 30, 2002 3:56 AM

I am very thankful that the Hollywood Park meet ended and that it’s possible to avoid any contact with the track stewards all my horse playing life.

Just when you thought all has been seen, something new arises. Getaway day was July 21 and a huge carryover in the pick-6 pool. There was one big turf race that was wide open except for two horses that looked like they were overmatched.

One who was shipping in from Churchill Downs had just a maiden breaker to his credit and was let go at 30-1, as well he should have been. The race was the Sunset Handicap Grade II with a purse of $250.000.

Remember just two weeks ago these same stewards took down a horse called Dublino in a Grade I event who won with ease and would have captured the race foul or no foul.

If you happened to see this race it would boggle your mind why this horse’s number did not come down. This was such a flagrant foul it just amazes me. Why, why, why?

There is a good ending to this story (well maybe?). There was one lucky and I would say very lucky (I think) winner of the pick six that paid over $900.000 dollars. I hope this guy’s day job is not being a steward at Hollywood Park!

Just for conversation I thought I would bring to your attention the conspiracy theory that is going around.

I happened to be talking to a very well respected executive from a major university and he was telling me about how the falling market is just an act of terrorism from the certain people who happen to control large blocks of stocks.

These same players, who seem to have most of the money in the world due to owning several oil wells, are the same ones able to play in these high limit rooms in some major casinos. One exec from a major casino told me that any money he had left would go to gaming stocks.

As I thought about this I decided to take a look at some of these high limit games to see who was playing these big bucks. I tried to make out who this one guy was, but his turban was in the way.

Oh well, it’s just a theory going around. I doubt very much that there is any truth to it.

Who cares, bring on football and parlay cards.