G2E to debut new products

Jul 30, 2002 7:02 AM

Global Gaming Expo in September will be the largest gaming conference of the year. One of the highlights of the Expo is the unveiling of new products for the industry.

Here is a sneak preview of just a handful of the many new products that will be unveiled in Las Vegas next month.

From Wing Design, you can take the excitement of a slot machine, add a live dealer and up to five players and you get Gittin’ Piggy: The Slot Table. Players will be attracted to the table area with the ability to play a second bet at up to 3x. The pay table includes up to a 20x payout.

Another hot new product from Wing is Slot-Sweepstakes! The game should dramatically increase the play of slot machines by adding the Slot-Sweepstakes, a revolutionary system that dispenses sweepstakes tickets directly from the slot machines.

Expect some big things from Ardent Gaming this fall, the creator and developer of the Easy Money cashless gaming system. The Easy Money system provides performance and operational benefits unparalleled by any other slot manufacturer or gaming system provider.

In today’s evolving gaming industry, Ardent is passionate in its efforts to provide casino operators with the systems and tools needed in the future to enhance customer service and deliver a profound positive impact to the bottom line.

Ardent’s Easy Money cashless system is designed with the casino operator and the future gaming operations in mind. Easy Money provides today’s casino operators a method is which they can offer a true "choice of pay" to their casino guest without having to replace slot machines on the casino floor or force the players to use ticket vouchers.

For an interesting change of place on the casino floor, Bling has come out with the Bling 2002, a new game based on an old concept. It resembles the customary Craps table, but adds several new and enticing bets, wagers and player participation options. It is well known among urban ethnic groups, easy to learn, and high participation for players/non-players alike.

Specific data for the Bling include one of the highest spreads of HOUSE ADVANTAGES in the gaming industry (2.8549%). The potential to gross immediate returns on investment, once sponsored by a perspective casino, or licensed gaming institution should be remarkable. A Summary Market analysis shows that over 5,600 existing casinos nationally are potential participants. Due to the nature of this exciting game, potential revenues are unlimited.

Hopper fills are always inconvenient for the house and no better way to dampen a player’s excitement and impulse to keep on playing. Glenview Systems has a solution with its Attendant, which now offers an easy, economical and efficient solution for this bothersome, but unavoidable, task. It can add hours of playing time a week and allows fills to be done at a time that is convenient for the house and on several machines at the same time.

Consisting of an auxiliary coin supply mounted securely inside the machine, the Attendant automatically monitors the main hopper coin level and takes action before coins run out. The entire jackpot is paid out without interruption or machine shutdown. Installation, operation and maintenance are painless. Employing propietary circuitry, the slot machine’s own electronics requires no modification.

The APX series of machines from Prime Technology Systems, Inc. is the solution to providing casino guests with a fast and convenient way to redeem bar-coded slot tickets, EFT, EFC or smart card mediums for cash.

The aesthetically pleasing look, with custom color schemes available will compliment any casino decor. The 12" color monitor, with video and audio capability provides a comfortable, easy to use, and even exciting guest experience.