Big Brother finds way into hotel reservations

Jul 30, 2002 8:10 AM

Las Vegas casinos already have the Eye in the Sky, and with Global Cash Access’s new system, they’ll soon have the Eye in Your Bank Book.

Global Cash Access, the leading supplier of cash access and customer relationship marketing technologies to the gaming industry, is coming out with a caller identification service that distinguishes known gaming patrons before the reservation agent even answers the phone!

The service assists the reservation center in assessing the value of the caller to increase the gaming value of hotel guests.

The system is called ResLink and it is designed to help agents instantly identify higher-end gaming patrons who have no preexisting relationship with the casino.

ResLink links GCA’s massive database of six million gaming patrons, the largest in the industry, to a casino’s reservation call center telephone system. As patrons call the hotel’s reservation center, the caller ID is electronically matched to the GCA marketing database. If a match is found, GCA sends a predetermined guest profile to the reservation agent’s desktop.

ResLink uses multiple components of cash access activity over a rolling 12-month period to measure the patron’s value. Each property will be able to weigh the components and apply seasonal, peak and off-peak profiling, according to the property’s objectives.

Only the weighted score and customer’s name will be displayed for the agent. Properties can then decide what to offer the caller based on their rating.

For example, low profiles may receive low risk comps, such as free buffets or show tickets, while high profiles can be offered complimentary rooms or food and beverage credits.

Several major gaming operators have said ResLink has real merits and is expected to produce positive results.

"We see ResLink as a service that provides growth opportunities for our casino’s customer database," said Rom Hendler, director of revenue management at The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino. "The linking and cross-referencing to GCA’s massive database will assist us in assessing our gaming customer profiles."

"ResLink is a simple concept, but one that makes a lot of sense for a casino looking to yield manage the value of their hotel guests," said Tom Sears, executive vice president of GCA. "It’s an efficient and seamless marketing tool and a good example of the value of doing business with an innovative company like GCA."