Bootlegger Bistro

Aug 6, 2002 6:40 AM

Bootlegger Bistro

7700 Las Vegas Blvd S.

Las Vegas, NV

Meat quality: half-pound grade-A beef burger with choice of cheese.

Type of fries: large portion, crispy, thin sliced.

Bun size: Italian roll, seeded, large.

Drink: various beverages, free refills.

Order method: server.

Wait time for meal: 20 min.

Price: $5.95 (not including drink or tax).

Atmosphere: comfortable, quiet, classy, friendly waiters.

Rating/comment: 2½

wimpys (out of 5):

The Bistro is a quality hangout for you and a special date. Café setting outdoors is awe-some. Blackie and Sonny performing inside are wonderfully nostalgic and I hear that the Monday night jazz fest is stellar. However, this is NOT a burger place. Eat the Italian meals, which look great. The burger was OK, but that roll was brutal. Like trying to bite into rubber. Ruined the experience. Wound up chucking the roll and eating the burger with knife and fork. Play the video poker (which pays off more than in most places), order several drinks, meet class people and listen to ageless music. If you have to have a burger, insist on a different roll. Or consider bringing your own.