Wedding is not the time for a cat fight

Aug 6, 2002 7:06 AM

Dueling Divas! They were out in force last week; they just don’t get it that it wasn’t their night, it wasn’t their stage, it wasn’t their scratching post.

In fact, it was the wedding event I had been waiting for, the nuptials of the brilliant Greg Thompson and his wonderful showgirl wife, Sunny.

The invitation read "Life’s Moments" and it could have been the greatest show biz wedding ever. There was the media and all of us invited guests, the showgirls, the showboys, the dancers, the prancers, the singers, the geeks and the hangers-on. Hunter S. Thompson would have celebrated it as the ultimate atavistic freakout!

You’d expect an interesting guest list ”¦ complete with the aforementioned Dueling Divas. There they were, producer David Saxe (enough said), and Brett Wall, producer of Bottoms Up and as uppity and a tad high hat as ever. Get a life, Brett! Other guests included Frank Marino, but I’m not sure if he was the matron of honor or the flower girl dressed in a simply divine, blue metallic number. Everything would have been perfect if Kenny Kerr had showed up. He was invited, but probably didn’t want to compete.

This was the camp wedding of the century with Sunny in a beautiful white wedding gown singing to her Greg, renewing their vows. It seems that Sunny had lost her voice two years ago for the original event and couldn’t sing to Greg, but on this night, she was in perfect voice. Either that or they brought in canned music from the show.

Then Elvis sang and I came close to following in his footsteps, but why do something totally stupid. Since I’ve been married 22 times myself, I have a wash and wear wedding dress, but even I was moved by this event. Actually, we were all teary-eyed and full of cheers for the newly re-weds.

Last week I reported on Anna Nicole Smith and her new television show on the E! Channel. Okay, so I made fun of her weight. So did everyone else. Including Anna Nicole and her own cable producers. Let me say though, she still has a pretty face. She’s actually quite beautiful. When was the last time you saw such an angelic face on a sumo wrestler?

One of our national treasures, Jackie Mason, will be appearing at the MGM Grand August 8-14. Jackie’s comedy has earned him both a Tony and an Emmy. A guy that makes us laugh just talking about life. What a talent!

There was a wonderful evening this week at a dinner party for the great Walter Mercado, known worldwide as an astrologer, and star of a new television show soon to debut. After dinner, Walter asked to meet Siegfried. Yes, that Siegfried.

So off we went with Walter’s bodyguard, Willy, and the wonderful Brazilian movie star Mariette Detotto, for an outing at the Mirage. I was blown away as we were ushered to Siegfried & Roy’s booth. In the adjoining booth were Kenny Ortega, Darren Romeo and other Las Vegas dignitaries. As a columnist going back stage seeing the graciousness of both Siegfried & Roy was extraordinary. I felt I was bonding with the boys. It was like becoming one of the Village People.

Following the short get-together, Walter wanted to walk to Caesars Palace. The evening’s magic continued as a crowd began to follow us, with people trying to catch a glimpse and yelling, "Bless, my child" and "Walter, Walter, Walter." You’d have thought we were in the presence of Gandhi! Yet, people idolize this man and in turn he was kind and tolerant, constantly offering the hem of his robe for the masses to kiss.

There’s a new late-night show at the Cabaret Theatre at New York-New York called Boo! Does that name give you a hint? It’s a combination of comedy, provided by the Los Angeles Theatre Sports Troupe. If this isn’t your action then check out another new show, Spirit of the Dance at the Golden Nugget. This is billed as a foot-stomping spectacular with dance from traditional Irish to Latin and Salsa productions. I can’t wait.

Wonders never cease to amaze me over at The Venetian. Beats of Passion had a brief run but left for the Greek Isles, but now it’s returned to the Venetian. Got to give it to the producers for continuing to make this show work. It’s just the showroom that has the bad rep. Enough said.

The wonderful Marlene Ricci appears four nights a week at the Riviera. Marlene, originally discovered by none other than Frank Sinatra here in Las Vegas, is a consummate performer, sings like a bird ”¦ only better, and is doing a miraculous job. We’re all cheering for you Marlene.

There’s another Sinata Frank ”” Frank junior ”” who returns to the MGM Grand August 15-21. This show should not be missed. In fact, most shows in town are worthy of the ticket price. They don’t call this town the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing.