Smart slots!

Aug 6, 2002 8:38 AM

Acres Gaming this week announced it would begin deliveries of its "Next Generation" interactive multimedia display later this calendar year.

The new digital display placed on slot machines will dramatically improve communications between the casino’s marketing department and the player. It is already approved for use in Nevada and California.

Acres’ NexGen Display is a 6" by 2.25" touch screen color LCD that is five times or more the size of the single color text displays currently in use in most slot machines. Among the information that can be accessed through the device is casino marketing and loyalty programs, which will be displayed using 16-bit color for photo realistic imaging, MPEG video and MP3 stereo sound technologies.

The NexGen display was designed to increase a casino’s marketing capabilities in conjunction with Acres’ proprietary Bonusing Software. It works like an ATM screen to guide players through casino promotions, loyalty programs and cashless transactions with the help of video screens and digital voice prompts.