Look for Martinez to handle Twins

Aug 6, 2002 10:20 AM

For games of Aug. 9-11.

Padres at Reds: The Reds still in the hunt for first in NL Central, mostly due to Cards inability to beat Atlanta. Padres are no easy mark. Like Reds with Jimmy Haynes on the mound. Like Padres beating Ryan Dempster.

Expos at Brewers: Not much to say. Maybe Bud Selig will watch. Skip it.

Mets at Cards: The Mets are another team gone by the wayside. Still could be dangerous to contending teams. New York pitching up in smoke. Cards not much better. OVER looks good. Taking double play on Leiter of Mets if he faces Simontacchi.

Cubs at Rockies: Both playing for next season. Cubs have excellent young pitching. Hitting non-existent. Rockies hit at home. You make the call.

Marlins at D’backs: Arizona destroyed any thoughts Mets had of getting back in wild card. D’backs heading for another showdown with Atlanta. Give Marlins a shot with Burnett, no matter the opposition.

Phils at Dodgers: LA making noise in wild card. Phillies are a minor irritation at Chavez. Going with Omar Daal and Odalis Perez to give Dodgers two wins.

Pirates at Giants: SF erratic playing the East. That could change at home. Giants pitching has been spotty lately. Will still go with Livan Hernandez and Jason Schmidt.

Angels at Jays: Anaheim has been tough at home. Now tests the rough, tough East. Angels run into Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter. Could be stumbling block.

Twins at BoSox: Minny running away with AL Central. Twins have trouble with East, but mostly against Yanks. Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez issue two spankings on Twins. Martinez scoreless inning streak could hit 30.

Orioles at Tigers: Baltimore playing above average ball. Will continue against Tigers. However, we like Mark Redman in a double play against either Driskill or Erickson.

Rangers at Indians: Wild Card and division races long gone for both. Playing out the schedule. Look out for totals. OVER looks good most of the series.

M’s at ChiSox: The Sox a major disappointment. Have no chance here. Mariners not hitting that well, but have enough behind Moyer and Garcia.

D’Rays at Royals: Tampa Bay just dreadful on the road. Royals vastly better at home. No brainer. Take Royals with double play if Byrd pitches.