Jets will fly with Chad

Aug 6, 2002 10:51 AM

This week’s NFL exhibition games with favorite and total in parentheses.

Thursday, Aug. 8

Jets-Steelers: The Jets plan on using Chad Pennington at QB. Steelers (4½, 31) bring their D to the table. Jets 19-13.

Friday, Aug. 9

Jags-Falcons: The Falcons (3½, 33) will showcase Michael Vick, then bench him after three series. Jags 16-13.

Bengals-Bills: Drew Bledsoe makes his first appearance in a Buffalo (2½, 33) uniform. Won’t play enough. Bengals 20-19.

Lions-Ravens: The Ravens’ (3, 33) non-existent offense shows up, while Detroit’s Joey Harrington and Mike McMahon battle at QB. Lions 13-10.

Raiders-Cowboys: Over-age Raiders try to keep their expensive players in hiding. Cowboys (3, 34) want it. Cowboys 16-10.

Saturday, Aug. 10

Packers-Eagles: Great for a regular season game. Eagles (3, 34) do the dressing, GB still in storage. Eagles 20-19.

Pats-Giants: The Giants (NL) with a game in hand may have an edge. Patriots well set on their lineup. Pats 17-13.

Rams-Titans: The Rams (1½, 37) don’t do anything but offense. Titans make amends for Super Bowl from 2001. Titans 23-17.

Skins-Panthers: Washington’s (7, 37) first team beat 49ers third and fourth team. May have different scenario. Panthers 16-13.

Texans-Saints: Houston (NL) in second encounter. Saints in no mood to lose to upstart Texans. Just a guess. Saints 23-12.

Broncos-Bears: Chicago (1½, 34½) in new digs will exploit newfound prowess. Broncos have many problems. Bears 20-12.

Browns-Vikes: Should be the offensive game of week. Vikes (3½, 37) don’t have much defense, but should win. Vikings 23-18.

Chiefs-Niners: Second game for Niners (3½, 36½). Chiefs have high hopes with Trent Green. Chiefs 17-10.

Colts-Seahawks: The Colts offense comes to play, but for how long? Seattle (3, 37) disappoints home folks. Colts 20-18.

Cards-Chargers: The Flutie-Brees QB battle brings out the San Diego (3, 34½) offense. Chargers 23-7.

Monday, Aug. 12

Dolphins-Bucs: Game at Tampa Bay (3½, 32½) may be for bragging rights of Florida. Sorry, Jags. Bucs 17-16.