Three’s Company’ makes a comeback?

Aug 13, 2002 4:37 AM

I want to acknowledge the passing of Joe Delaney, the Great Old Fox. He was a gentleman and much more than an entertainment columnist. To me, he was a colorful Damon Runyon character who had his finger on the pulse of the entertainment community for decades. Joe, you’ll be missed.

I recall arriving in Las Vegas in 1967, when I worked in a show at Nero’s Nook at Caesars Palace. The Checkmates were the headliners, but Joe Delaney embraced me as a young performer. His review was not harsh: and he was kind when I got fired and chose to say some kind words about Monti Rock, III. Over the years I called him all the time for advice about my column, or if someone wrote something nasty, Joe would tell me "it’s just a column Monti." Rest in peace old gent. You’ll be missed.

The Suncoast Showroom hosts the wonderful Bill Acosta, "Man of 1000 Voices," Sept. 6-8. I became a fan of Bill’s at the Luxor a few years ago. He and his wife, Genie, both thought I had a great sense of humor. Then he opened at the Flamingo with a big orchestra, topless dancers, a real big production. The show was fantastic! But these four-wall-deals will kill any entertainer. Welcome back, Bill!

DUELING DIVAS. Was anyone, besides myself, stupid enough to watch Anna Nicole Smith on E! Now let me tell you about Anna Nicole ”” it’s not her weight that bothers me; she’s kind of angelic, in a giant squid sort of way. It’s just everything else that is so annoying! Some people compared her to Roseanne Barr without the jokes. That’s a stretch! She makes Roseanne Barr look like Candy Barr! I just don’t understand how she’s going to get $88 million.

The ratings for Anna Nicole’s first show were reportedly high. That shows you the power of advertising! Hype the heck out of anything and people will tune in, at least for the first night. Don’t expect the cat to come back!

Catching Ozzy Ozborne on cable was hilarious, kind of like the Addams Family with tattoos.

I hear there are more reality shows coming (and going). Here’s one that caught my eye: Liza Minelli had a stroke ”” stroke of good luck, that is. She and her husband, David Gates, will show us how they live. Remember, a few months ago she gave the wedding of the century. Now we have the blissful couple doing reality TV.

NEWS FROM HOLLYWOOD Casting call: Do we remember Three’s Company with Suzanne Somers, Joyce Dewitt, and John Ritter? Believe it or not, the group is going to reprise a Three’s Company 2 mini series. I wonder how this will play. The original TV sitcom was a hot item, and ushered in the genre of the "jiggle" show. The 2002 version may not be so fortunate ”” it could be a case of the "sagging sitcom," or worse yet, the saga of the silicone sisters!

COMING ATTRACTIONS Luis Miguel, who broke Mariah Carey’s heart, is not to be missed. The sexy heartthrob also had been with Daisy Fuentes but Mariah has never been the same since this wonderful man jilted her at the altar. I warned her: these Latin men are not to be trusted!

This past weekend, Cher brought the house down in her engagement at the MGM Grand. Pat Cooper, one of the great comedians was really edgy and funny. Don’t forget Lionel Richie makes another comeback at the Aladdin Theater in September and the wonderful "Beauty and the Beast" will also be opening at the Aladdin Theater on Sept. 1.

More coming attractions include the worlds No. 1 Abba show at New York-New York. Over at Rain, there is a musical look-alike of the Abba members, the songs and the tribute.

Now, for some very big surprising news (which only this columnist can find): The new Jerry Herman musical that was going to Steve Wynn’s new resort, and directed by Tommy Tune, is back on the boards! Everything is in place for Miss Spectacular (because I have reliable sources), and Jerry Herman is in town shopping around for the show.