Three cheers for the Mothers-in-Law!

Aug 13, 2002 11:59 AM

WHAT A CHARMER! Mothers-in-law need a good PR man. I would like to volunteer for the job, no compensation necessary. I think the mothers of our spouses get painted into a corner. I know for a fact, mine does. She is lumped in with all the other mothers-in-law and doesn’t deserve to be there.

Elizabeth Jane Hutchinson is Eileen’s mother. At a time when desserts are fewer than before, she is a chocolate nut sundae with lots of whipped cream on top. And, don’t forget the cherry.

On the occasion of her 80th birthday anniversary, Eileen and I left beautiful Del Mar last week for a trip back to Las Vegas to help her celebrate.

Usually, when a person reaches 80, one doesn’t expect to find them bright and sunny. Not so with Elizabeth Jane. When it comes to positive thinking, she could have given Norman Vincent Peale lessons. And, she was at her best for all the family and friends who came calling at her care facility.

Some of the casino people may remember Elizabeth. For many years she was responsible for the "Hot Slots" page in GamingToday. She called the slots department at nearly every casino on a weekly basis to get the latest jackpot information for publication. During her tenure she became phone friends with many of those she called. She knew as much about their children and grandchildren as she did about her own.

But, I never knew how popular Elizabeth was until after she retired. We got calls on a regular basis from people wanting to know where she was and how she was doing. They really missed her.

Happy birthday, kiddo!

WISHES DO COME TRUE! Just ask Art Manteris, top gun for race and sports book operations at Station Casinos.

"My friend, Alan Margulies, manages Burt Reynolds. I told him that of all the entertainers and athletes, Burt was the one I’d most like to meet. And, recently, he made it happen.

"My wife, Sue, and I got to spend nearly three hours with Burt having dinner, visiting and telling stories. It was one of the most enjoyable evenings ever. He is a real sports fan so we had plenty to discuss.

He’s also an incredibly nice guy and a very underrated actor. You would have thought he could have been Italian!"

A FOND FAREWELL! I called him WW (Walter Winchell).

He called me Scoop.

That’s how things went when we were occasionally in the same place at the same time.

After the salutations, we talked about the things we had in common. Both of us were Philadelphians. Both of us went to Penn State. And, both of us chased the movers and shakers to get a line that no one else had.

When Joe Delaney, a local newspaperman of note, dropped out of the game, it set off a lot of memories. In a local world where journalism was playing catch-up, Joe was on top of the game. Neither of us knew each other until we met in Las Vegas. He was a newspaperman always trying to dig up fresh copy. So was I. It was a bond that held our friendship together through the years.

Goodnight, WW and all ships at sea.