Yanks should handle Seattle

Aug 13, 2002 12:46 PM

For games ending Sunday, Aug. 18.

D’backs at Cubs: Chicago has a chance against D’backs at home, however when Johnson and Schilling are on the mound it’s tough. Looks like Cubs will get a dose of the dynamic duo. However, we will wait for someone else to take the mound for our wager.

Giants at Marlins: San Francisco isn’t that good on the road. Marlins have been erratic the last six weeks, but will toughen here. Going against Ryan Jensen and Kirk Rueter.

Brewers at Pirates: Teams looking at 2003, filling up roster with minor leaguers whenever possible. Favor totals, preferably OVERS.

Padres at Expos: The Expos had three shootouts with Cincinnati, but figure to return to normal. Montreal’s pitching above average, though inconsistent. Bartolo Colon steady along with Tomo Ohka should they take the mound.

Cards at Phillies: J.D. Drew and Scott Rolen will hear from the boo-birds in this series. Both are slumping. Cards in danger of falling out of first place. Ineffective pitching, or no pitching. Phils will help Cards slide further with Randy Wolf and Brandon Duckworth.

Rockies at Braves: Atlanta will feast on Rockies pitching, though posting better results on the road. Kevin Millwood and Jason Marquis good for two wins.

Astros at Reds: The Astros with an outside chance at NL Central title at one time now loom as the favorite, though in third place. Story here is Astros mound corps, which is superior to Cards and Reds hurlers. Kirk Saarloos and Wade Miller can handle Reds in this series.

Dodgers at Mets: The Dodgers becoming serious threat in NL Wild Card race. Should Dodgers get the spot, could be dangerous to the rest of the makeup. Going with Odalis Perez and Hideo Nomo, whose pitching is just average. However, Dodgers have very strong winning percentage when he takes the mound.

Red Sox at Twins: Minnesota so far in front in AL Central that its losing streak is not of much concern. Boston won 2-of-3 at Fenway. More of the same here with awesome Pedro Martinez and the steady, if not awesome, Tim Wakefield.

Jays at Rangers: Texas has improved of late, both in hitting and pitching. Kenny Rogers for Texas and Roy Halladay for Blue Jays will win games in the series.

ChiSox at A’s: Oakland played well on Eastern swing to get back in wild card contention. Sox are dangerous at home, fair on the road. Look for A’s to sweep all three games with Mulder, Zito, Hudson or Harang.

Indians at Angels: Anaheim making serious threat to finish first in AL West or at least grab wild card spot. Indians in no position to halt march toward a spot in postseason play. Jared Washburn and Kevin Appier will see to that.

Yanks at M’s: New York stumbles along until October then turn on the jets full blast. Mariners not as good as other years and may have trouble making wild card spot. Yanks pitching up in the air with slight injuries. Nothing serious, however. New York wins 2-of-3 with Weaver, Clemens and Pettitte on the hill.

Royals at D’Rays: No opinion.

Tigers at Orioles: Ditto.