Niners set to repent

Aug 13, 2002 12:59 PM

Second week of NFL preseason

Dolphins at Saints: Miami coming back after three days, but 9-1 in second preseason games in last 10. Miami, 23-13.

Raiders at Titans: The Raiders stumble through these games. Tennessee may have gone a bit further last week vs. Rams. Titans, 20-10.

Jets at Ravens: New York seemed to want to win more than Steelers in opener. Ravens weak on offense, strong on defense. May not have enough against QB Chad Pennington and rest of cast. Jets, 16-10.

Bucs at Jaguars: Tampa Bay played on Monday. Bucs figure to take it easy and get ready for the regular season. Jaguars, 18-13.

Bears at Rams: Chicago was an overachiever in 2001. Reverts to form in 2002. Rams put Bears defense to the test. Rams, 27-17.

Seahawks at Chargers: Seattle will miss regular QB Trent Dilfer. Chargers get first win behind Brees and Flutie. Chargers, 20-12.

Giants at Falcons: New York may ease up for upcoming Jets game.Atlanta trying to exploit QB Michael Vick to boost season ticket sales. Falcons, 23-16.

Bengals at Colts: Don’t know which Colts team will show up in these games. New coach Tony Dungy doesn’t show much in preseason. Bengals, 24-23.

Lions at Browns: Cleveland has ideas of playoff spot. May step it up vs. Lions. Detroit probably gearing up for opener in new stadium. Browns, 17-10.

Cowboys at Panthers: Dallas is 2-9 in Game 2 preseason outings. Carolina’s newfound offense stays in gear, although Cowboys defense far superior to Washington. Panthers, 23-10.

Texans at Chiefs: Houston won its first game ever last week. Chiefs don’t figure to be victim No. 2. KC has high ideas. Chiefs, 24-10.

Packers at Cards: Green Bay will shine in third game of preseason when they play on a Monday night. Cards, 20-13.

Steelers at Redskins: Pittsburgh is hot over embarrassing loss to Jets. Will make amends in this one. Steelers, 23-16.

49ers at Broncos: Niners generally ease up in this game, however Redskins embarrassed them on national television. Preseason or not, SF can’t handle two brutal efforts on the tube. 49ers, 24-17.