Winning bingo tactics

Aug 20, 2002 2:56 AM

Have you been hitting your fair share of bingo jackpots and coveralls lately? If not, you might want to consider your tactics and plan of attack.

First of all, bingo is the only casino game that offers guaranteed jackpots and winners. If we think about that for a minute, sure there will be winners at other games on the casino floor, but bingo is the only game that guarantees that there will be winners at each and every session. No other slot or video poker machine or any table game can actually make the same claim.

In other words, there will be at least one winner of a bingo jackpot at every session played and one person is guaranteed the coverall game at each session as well. (Obviously, progressive jackpot coveralls are not guaranteed at each session.) We can even narrow it down to the approximate time at each session when the coveralls and jackpots will be hit!

So, how do you increase your own chances at those jackpots and coveralls? For starters, try playing bingo in some of the smaller parlors around town, rather than the giant 500-600 seat halls. It only stands to reason that competing against a couple hundred people offers a better chance of hitting a coverall than against hundreds more. True, the jackpots may be a little smaller, but if winning is the main objective, then one way to do that is to compete against fewer people. You increase your chances in each session game as well.

Now, some will argue that other players may buy more bingo cards than you which increase their chances to win. While that may be true, the same would hold true in the larger rooms too, with even more people subject to buying more cards! Suffice it to say, that if each person only purchased one bingo card at the room of your choice, the fewer people playing, the better your odds are to win a jackpot.

Secondly, no matter where you decide to play, consider going at the off-peak times and days when fewer players participate in the games. The early morning sessions are a good time to play. One bingo room we spoke with recently reported that the first morning session of the day had only 32 people playing. Based on an 11 game session, (with each person playing one bingo card,) that’s about a one in three chance of hitting a bingo!

Finally, where are some of these smaller bingo rooms that may offer you a better chance at winning? Take a look at the Silver Nugget, Poker Palace, New Frontier, Eldorado, Western, or Jerry’s Nugget. Chances are good that you may shouting "B-I-N-G-O" sooner than you think!