A quick adieu to Baywatch at Flamingo

Aug 20, 2002 4:59 AM

Aloha, Aloha, Aloha! I just received my ticket for the Baywatch Aloha show at the Flamingo, but the tide must have gone out and the show closed. It’s somewhat strange this would happen after all the hoopla surrounding the Hawaiian revue. Maybe they ran out of tiki torches or paper parasols for the drinks. I doubt they had much trouble unearthing bosomy Baywatch babes.

Comedy, Tricks and Naked Chicks at Bourbon Street starring Fielding West couldn’t find an audience. Fielding will be returning to stand-up comedy and will find a niche somewhere in Las Vegas. He’s a funny guy. Maybe another case of not enough marketing, two-for-ones or whatever.

My friend David Cassidy, who had the Rat Pack is Back at the Sahara, must have started something. We have five Rat Pack shows at this very moment. One of them, Frank, Dean and Friends, sold out every night at the Suncoast. This town can’t get enough of Las Vegas’ Golden Era.

The producers of Mama Mia are seeking local talent for their show. Professionals and wanna be’s are flying in from Los Angeles. The Broadway-based show is scheduled to open at Mandalay Bay.

We’d all like to believe the King is alive but this week celebrations all over the country are acknowledging the 25th anniversary of his passing. My Elvis story is one I have to share with my readers. I’m at the record plant in Hollywood recording my fourth album and took a break to step outside for a smoke, when Bette Midler comes running outside crying and screaming "Elvis is gone, Elvis is gone!" We all stopped the recording sessions in stunned disbelief. The memory of that day will remain indelible.

There’s another Presley in the news this week. Lisa Marie and Nicholas Cage married in Hawaii. This is Lisa’s third marriage I wonder if she’s making her own record.

Anna Niclole Smith, looking like a bubble gum blimp, enjoyed a huge television audience when her show debuted on E! but since then the ratings have plummeted like her sagging halter tops. Maybe this is a reality check for TV show producers who have absolutely no insight into entertainment.

I love good news. Comfortable Shoes, a show written by my friend and Entertainer of the Year, Clint Holmes, will be opening in Chicago. Congratulations to Clint.

Good news too for the Bob Anderson Fan Club. Bob is a great impressionist and entertainer and has landed at the Stardust. The ladies in his fan club can breathe easy.

There was considerable buzz around town over Michael Jackson’s recent visit. Michael and his kids went backstage to meet Siegfried & Roy.

After filing for bankruptcy things may be "perking up" for Vanguard Airlines. Seems that Hooters, the well endowed and widely known restaurant/ bar, is considering the prospect of buying Vanguard. Talk about a lift. Life is good.