Lions Will roar against Steelers

Aug 20, 2002 7:27 AM

Games for week ending ­­Monday, Aug. 26.

Chargers at Rams: St. Louis has been playing under wraps. Time to get down to business. Rams 26-17.

Ravens at Eagles: Are ­­Ravens that bad or trying to sort things out? Eagles mean business. Eagles 23-10.

Titans at Vikings: The Titans save best effort for home games. No more until regular season. Vikes 24-10.

Panthers at Pats: Carolina has trouble, preseason or regular. Pats could be going through motions. Pats 20-9.

Jaguars at Bears: The Jaguars scored just 13 points in first two exhibitions. Bears bounce back. Bears 23-10.

Steelers at Lions: Pittsburgh has more things wrong than meets the eye. More experiments. Joey Harrington and Mike McMahon looking good at QB. Lions open new stadium for home folks. Lions 20-13.

Bills at Colts: Indy is bogged down in injuries. Will go with second line. Bills 20-17.

Saints at Bengals: Saints played their preseason highlight game vs. Miami. Time to relax. Bengals 24-13.

Giants at Jets: Battle of New York. Significant for both teams. Jets could be surprise of 2002. Vinny on top of his game. Giants haven’t peaked in these affairs. Jets 26-20.

Dolphins at Texans: Miami regulars need the work. Feeling is first stringers will play at least one half. Dolphins 23-10.

Falcons at Cowboys: Dallas playing these games like it’s real. Falcons will give QB very little playing time. Dallas stays undefeated. Cowboys 24-13.

Redskins at Bucs: High-powered Skins offense runs into Bucs tough defense. Bucs 20-10.

49ers at Raiders: Niners come to life vs. cross bay rival where there is very little love. Raiders overrated. Niners 26-20.

Broncos at Cards: A rocking chair affair for Arizona. Denver saving their big guns for next week. Cards 23-7.

Chiefs at Seahawks: Ex-division rivals meet again Nov. 25 in Seattle. That’s when Seattle shows up. Chiefs 24-16.

Browns at Packers: The Monday night special. Time for Cleveland to show all of America it’s a playoff team. Browns 24-20.