Better keep Rogers away from Yankees

Aug 20, 2002 7:30 AM

Games for the week ending Aug. 25.

Reds at Astros: Key series if baseball is played in October. Astros playing like they mean to finish first in NL Central. Cardinals resurgence makes that doubtful. Roy Oswalt beat Reds in last outing. Jimmy Haynes beat Astros in his last start. History repeats.

Phils at Cards: St. Louis won 2-of-3 in Philadelphia. Same scenario takes place in St. Louis. Matt Morris and Jason Simontacchi won in Philly. Repeat at home.

Pirates at Brewers: Only one game went over in the total between these two in Pittsburgh. Story will be different in homer friendly Milwaukee. Going with the OVER here. Double play should Ben Sheets and Josh Fogg hook up.

Mets at Rockies: The Mets are losers of 11 in a row at home. Can’t do worse on the road. Your call here.

Cubs at D’backs: The Cubs fought hard with D’backs in Arizona. Could be a sweep for D’backs. Going with Matt Clement and Kerry Wood for a couple of wins for Cubs on the road.

Braves at Dodgers: Should these two meet in the playoffs, Dodgers will win. Braves have been awesome in their drive to the top in the NL East. LA will take two in this series behind Andy Ashby and Odalis Perez.

Expos at Giants: Montreal’s run at a wild card spot is just a glimmer with Giants quickly reaching that position. SF clings to that specter. Expos throw Tomo Ohka and Britt Reames against Giants to hurt their chances.

Marlins at Padres: San Diego double tough at home. Will send Jake Peavy and Brian Lawrence against Marlins and give home fans something to brag about.

Rangers at Yanks: Texas better keep Kenny Rogers on the bench. Yanks murder his pitches. Roger Clemens and Mike Mussina win two for New York.

Angels at Red Sox: Anaheim hits the road meeting Yanks and Boston for six games. Could be make or break situation. However, many games remain. Going with Tim Wakefield and John Burkett to slow Angels down.

A’s at Tigers: Oakland express in high gear. Tigers won’t slow this crew at all. Looking for an Oakland sweep in Detroit no matter who pitches.

M’s at Indians: Cleveland could be fly in Mariners ointment. Tribe have been playing good ball on the road and figure to be tough at home. Seattle pitching can’t half Indians uprising with Jason Phillips and C.C. Sabathia grabbing two victories.

Blue Jays at O’s: Pitching will go out the window. Totals are the name of the game. Double play on the OVER should Scott Erickson and Esteban Loaiza matchup.

Twins at Royals: Minnesota has AL Central all locked up, but Royals would like a couple of victories. KC has Paul Byrd and Darrell May to do the honors.

D’Rays at ChiSox: The less written about this matchup the better. Both teams looking forward to a strike.