Parlays pay at Shoe

Aug 20, 2002 7:33 AM
As I was making my rounds, I decided to trek downtown mostly because I like to go into the Horseshoe for a little nostalgia.

I just love to visit downtown. It is just so Vegas. If you happen to venture down there where all the lights are bright, during football season it is a must to get Horseshoe parlay cards.

This year they will feature a new ties win parlay card with some of the highest payoffs anywhere including the Strip. Also during the first week the Shoe is giving free t-shirts and hats (as long as supplies last) with a play on this new ties win card. Horseshoe treats customers right.

In between a dentist appointment, I stopped to make a couple of wagers at one of my favorite hangouts. After my bets the supervisor asked if I needed a dinner ticket or some drink tickets. I told the super maybe another time, that I had to go to the dentist.

Then I ask if I could use some of the points that I had built up over the months to pay the dentist. Talk about a great idea for a promotion. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a casino offer doctor, dentist, gas etc for points. Wow, how much business would they have, especially if their offices were in the casino. Put the gas pumps on the side like Sams Club. No joke.

Friday, Aug. 23

Ravens + pts vs Eagles

Titans / Vikings Over

Pats minus pts vs Panthers.

Bears (Best Bet) vs Jax

Chicago just stunk it up in its home opener. Even the boo birds came out. Look for a big effort here.

Saturday, Aug. 24

Lions vs. Steelers. Detroit opens Ford Field to a sold out crowd. I look for a huge defensive effort here. Small bet on the Lions. Love the Under here.

Jets vs Giants: This will be everyone’s play as the Jets are 10-0 in this contest. Seems like Giants have less interest in proving who is best in NY. No reason to believe Jets won’t be 11-0 after this game.

Other selections: Bills, Bucs, Falcons, Bengals, Seahawks, Raiders.

Monday, Aug. 26

Packers over Browns: Looks like a solid play here in their home opener, going 15-2 SU in last 17.

Next week: Some good college plays. Maybe, I’ll see you at the SHOE!