The king 'way' ticket reigns!

Aug 27, 2002 2:40 AM

King tickets are way tickets that are composed using only groups of one number. (A single spot that is circled on a keno way ticket is usually called a king, but sometimes it is called an ace or a one.)

King tickets are simultaneously simple and complex. They are simple because all the groups are small and are the same size. They are complex because the number of ways on a king ticket rapidly increases as the number of spots increases. The accompanying chart gives the number of ways on king tickets up to 10 numbers.

To read this chart, read across the top until you come to the number of kings or one spots that you have on your ticket. Then read down the column until you come to the ways that you want to play. For instance, suppose you are marking a ticket with eight kings, and you want to play 5’s. Read across the chart until you come to the 8 column, and then read down until you come to the 5 row, and you will find the entry "56." There are 56 ways to make a five-spot wager on a king ticket with eight kings.

One very popular way of playing a king ticket is to mark the kings, and play the ways that are one less than the number of kings. For instance, you might mark 6 kings, and play the five spot ways, giving you a six way five.

Or you might mark nine kings and play a nine way eight. Why do this? As many of you experienced keno players know, it’s a lot easier to hit a five out of six than it is a solid six, but on the king ticket six way five ANY five out of six will give you a solid five! On the nine spot king ticket, any of you who have played nines have hit some seven out of nines. On the king ticket, any seven out of nine will give you TWO seven out of eights!

A casual look at the chart above reveals this fact: On a king ticket, if you play the ways that are one less than the number of spots king’d, you will have the same number of ways as the number of spots. Five kings produce a five way four, ten kings produce a ten way nine, etc.

The ticket with 8 kings is quite interesting, if you have enough money to play it, and you are interested in hitting the limit. In almost any casino, the following tickets will give you a limit payoff for a solid Eight: one way eight and eight sevens, played for $9.00, one way eight and twenty-eight sixes, played for $29.00, and one way eight and fifty-six fives, played for $57.00. The five spot way ticket, though costing the most to play, starts paying serious money for five out of eight (the payoff will be over $1,000 in most casinos.) A four out of eight probably will return over half the wager.

When you play eight numbers, all circled individually as one spots (kings), you have a ticket with a total of 255 ways on it. These are a one way eight, 8 sevens, 28 sixes, 56 fives, 70 fours, 56 threes, 28 twos, and 8 ones. Of course, you by no means have to play all the ways; you can pick and choose just which ones you want to play. As we discussed above, playing just the eight plus either the sevens, sixes or fives is enough to give you a $50,000 pay off for eight out of eight in most casinos.

That’s It for this week. Good Luck! I’ll see you in line!

Number of spots

    1        2        3     4       5       6       7    8        9           10

1   1       2        3      4     5       6       7    8           9           10   

2            1        3      6      10    15    21    28        36         45

3                       1       4    10    20    35    56        84        120

4                                 1    5    15     35      70       126      210

5                                        1    6      21      56       126      252

6                                               1      7        28        84      210

7                                                        1        8         36        20

8                                                                    1        9         45

9                                                                             1          10

10                                                                                       10