Melinda to pull disappearing act ... Really!

Aug 27, 2002 3:06 AM

Melinda, The First Mystery of Magic, is calling it quits at The Venetian after celebrating her second anniversary in the showroom with the revolving door. Actually, Melinda came closest to a commercial hit than any of the other shows featured.

Taking a stroll along memory lane, Signed, Sealed and Delivered closed abruptly, and Andre-Philippe Gagnon packed it in following some bad press and his dressing room ordeal.

Then it was Robert Goulet and Paige O’Hara, Charo, Beats of Passion and of course, The Main Event starring Bob Anderson.

All of the above made brief appearances, then they hit the door. Do we see a pattern here? Seems the showroom is all about rent, rent, rent! Four wall, four wall! What happened to good, old fashioned backers?

Melinda proved to be the exception to the rule, and she deserves a lot of credit for that. Her show may never have had the magnitude of Siegfried and Roy or Lance Burton, but she had a great act and a compelling persona. Great going, Melinda, and good luck to the First Lady of Magic as she embarks on a new family adventure.

The beautiful home of Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson and the rest of the Jackson clan, is on the auction block. It seems Joe has had money problems, even bankruptcy. Don’t you think Michael has enough "jack" to help out his dad?

The latest from the Vast Wasteland, aka television front: Anna Nicole had her teeth pulled and replaced with the best composites money could buy. When is E! going to pull the show! Talk about a dry socket, Anna Nicole is unplugged!

I love the new American Idol television show. These are kids America really wants to see. The finalists represent a kind of Neapolitan cross section of middle America, Justin, Kelly and Nikki. I’m hooked, really hooked.

The wonderful Lezlie Ander’s tribute to Peggy Lee, Fever, opened at the Judy Bailey Theater at UNLV last week. With some great arrangements provided by Buddy Greco, Leslie’s husband, the show will be headed for a world tour. Lezlie is a great talent, Buddy is a great talent ”” how can it miss?

Kenny, where are you? When is my Kenny Kerr opening at the Bluenote? And while we’re looking for people, has anyone seen Rick Arroyo and his Latin group? For years it seemed as if the Thunderbird Hotel and Casino had disappeared from the landscape, but alas, it re-opened last weekend. Not long ago the Thunderbird was to welcome a new exhibit based on the Titanic, but the thing must have sunk.