Nashville, for a rest

Mar 18, 2008 6:00 PM

Finish Line by Micah Roberts | The NASCAR Cup Series takes a much needed week off before heading to Martinsville next week.

The drivers and teams have been going nonstop since early January thanks to a heavy dose of testing with the new car at tracks all across the nation, not to mention the never ending stream of publicity appearances for their thousands of sponsors.

Roberts Top 5
At Nashville
1. #20 Denny Hamlin 6-1
2. #18 Kyle Busch 6-1
3. #2 Clint Bowyer 8-1
4. #60 Carl Edwards 4-1
5. #6 David Ragan 20-1
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Sometimes the racing is just too much to pass up and drivers can’t resist themselves on a week off so they jump into a Nationwide Series car. If that’s not available, sometimes they go jumping into modifieds on dirt at the local tracks.

This week, the die-hard racers at heart have stood up once again to say, "All I want to do is Race!"

Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, Denny Hamlin, and Carl Edwards are top name drivers from the Cup series that will be participating in Saturday’s Nationwide Series race at Nashville Superspeedway. It’s not about the money, the glory, or the girls. It’s just about racing.

Although, as nice as the girls are, the trophy for this race is pretty nice too. The number one export from Nashville is "music" and the top tool in the business is a Gibson Les Paul guitar, which is made right there on honky-tonk row. The winner of this race gets a Gibson Les Paul trophy guitar that looks pretty sharp among regular standard hardware in the trophy case.

The favorite for the Nashville race is Carl Edwards just because he’s won the last three events at that track. There is something about the 1.33-mile configuration with the concrete surface that has made Edwards so dominant. He has yet to win after five races this season in the Nationwide Series.

Perhaps without Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth not participating, Edwards has a much better chance.

Clint Bowyer, last week’s Nationwide winner at Bristol, will be Edwards’ chief competition. Edwards hasn’t looked as good as the other Nationwide teams for some reason. He has only two Top 5 finishes and hasn’t been a serious contender to win in any of the races.

Look for both Hamlin and Bowyer to give Edwards all he can handle as they try to get their own Les Paul trophy.

Micah Roberts is a Race and Sports Director with Station Casinos, who has contributed to GamingToday for 11 years.