49ers still resting

Aug 27, 2002 9:25 AM

Final week of NFL preseason ending Aug. 30.

Wednesday, Aug. 28

Chargers at 49ers: The Niners have tried to play everyone in the Bay Area, but have yet to play a decent game. Maybe they will be ready by Sept. 5. Chargers 17-13.

Thursday, Aug. 29

Bears at Dolphins: Chicago uses up squad. Regulars don’t play a quarter. Dolphins 20-10.

Vikings at Steelers: Vikes do well in preseason finales. Vikings 19-17.

Falcons at Bengals: Atlanta may rest QB Vick. Bengals should come out aggressive. Bengals 23-10.

Cowboys at Jaguars: The Jags came alive against Bears. Expect it to carry over. Dallas thinking playoffs. Favor UNDER.

Patriots at Redskins: Skins approach is to put points on board. Expect the opposite from Pats. NE doesn’t care. Skins 24-13.

Bills at Lions: Detroit has not looked that good so far. Bills preparing for Jets. Lions 24-10.

Ravens at Giants: Neither teams cares. Expect dull outing. Both teams hurt. Giants 13-10.

Cards at Raiders: Oakland will have trouble with players they will cut next week. Cards 19-17.

Seahawks at Broncos: Seattle is waltzing this week. Broncos 23-13.

Friday, Aug. 30

Colts at Saints: Colts priming for Jags. Saints waiting for Tampa Bay. Colts 20-17.

Eagles at Jets: The Jets are rolling. We’ll ride the wave another week. Jets 24-13.

Titans at Packers: Green Bay shines before home folks. Titans will rest. Packers 24-13.

Bucs at Texans: The Bucs were brutal in last game against Washington. Texans expect to win. Texans 16-13.

Rams at Chiefs: Game means more to Chiefs. Rams don’t really care. Chiefs 24-17.

Panthers at Browns. Not much interest. Pass.