Four wall shows subject to a quick hook

Sep 3, 2002 12:57 AM


The revolving door is on autopilot at The Venetian showroom. Beats of Passion was recently told to beat it. The producer, Fernando, who has worked so hard to build the show, was abruptly told that the hotel had a better offer and that they wanted him to vacate. Fernando, being such a gentleman, wanted to give the cast two weeks.

What does this say about our industry when bean counters scurry around hacking everything in sight? It doesn’t help the situation when some producers (you know who you are!) low-ball just to get in the room.

What can we do about the situation? Hotel owners like Sheldon Adelson need to jump in and do something. As a columnist, I don’t like perching on a soapbox (it’s slippery up here!), but sometimes things need to be addressed. Reliable sources tell me that another big show is about to get axed. Where will it end?

Closing night for Lezlie Ander’s tribute show to Peggy Lee’s "Fever" at UNLV was the best. The show, Lezlie and her husband Buddy Greco, are all getting rave reviews. Leslie’s voice and Buddy’s musical talents ”” it was all a tremendous performance.

There was a sensational soiree at Nimo and Kimiko Frederino’s home last week to launch a brand new magazine, "Viva." There was candlelight, food, fabulous people, and a camera crew from Europe.

Nino and Kimiko have a beautiful home and it was the perfect setting for the gala. "Viva" is directed toward our Latin community, so it was very salsa soiree. This month the magazine will feature Charo at home, as well as Latin fashion, and Spanish dining.

These young entrepreneurs have something new and innovative. We welcome the publication that embraces the Latin community.

Michael Jackson continues to haunt the Las Vegas scene, checking out art galleries and buying paintings ”” all while his parents are selling their Las Vegas home and facing bankruptcy. Come on Jacko! Cough up some Jack!

The wild man of funny, Robin Williams, is opening at the MGM Grand and don’t forget Johnny Rivers at Stations Casino.

Recently opened is the Second City-like Boo! at New York-New York. This is a new show from Los Angeles and it has a lot of spirit. Just a little fine-tuning to get that Vegas edge will put Boo! over the top.

Another tribute show opens at the Riviera. This one is Dean Martin’s son, Ricci Martin. Can we stand it? We’ve seen Dean and Frank; as well as Dean, Sammy and Frank. There was the Rat Pack, and then the Rat Pack is back. Now we have Dean, Dean, Dean. I think we’re up to eight tribute shows. Eight is Enough!

Bob Anderson opens next month in his own room in the Stardust. Here’s the thing with Bob. Yes, he’s a great impressionist; in fact he’s the best Sinatra impressionist of all time. But more than that he’s a great vocalist and superb entertainer.

Moreover, Bob and his beautiful wife, Karen, are wonderful friends and good people. As I wrote in an earlier column, the Bob Anderson Fan Club can relax. They have a new home at the Stardust for their main man.

At the MGM Grand, Rick Springfield and EFX will close in March. EFX has enjoyed a long run with headliners such as Michael Crawford, Donny Osmond, Tommy Tune, David Cassidy and of course Rick Springfield.

Dirk Arthur, a fixture in Jubilee at Bally’s, is taking his own show to the Silverton Hotel & Casino. The show title is "The New Art of Magic" and opened August 19. The Silverton has become a favorite for both locals and tourists. Folks like the casual scene and the All-American Buffet.

We welcome Cast Incorporated to town. What is Cast Incorporated? This is a group of local entertainers who will be similar to the Friars Club in their endeavors. Almost like a union, their goal is to help the entrepreneur, keep the shows going, do charity work like variety shows and generally help out-of-work entertainers. I hope to be a part of Cast Incorporated that will be guided by its Vice President, Lawrence Matzken. That’s the spirit!

We want to wish a speedy recovery to Fred Lewis, with the Aladdin’s Public Relations office. Get back, soon, Fred.