The Beat goes on for Beats of Passion

Sep 10, 2002 3:02 AM

   I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was another edition of dueling divas! It was like a Mike Tyson weigh-in when producers of Beats of Passion, Fernando Quevedo and Claude Thomas, squared off over what could be called “creative differences.” It nearly reached the hair pulling stage. Following a resolution of sorts, Beats of Passion will be moving to the Bluenote at the Aladdin after its speedy exit from the Venetian.

   On another note, I went downtown to the Golden Nugget for the press opening of Spirit of the Dance. The Golden Nugget, which is also home to the Amazing Johnathan, is seeking a mainstay to fill a room. Maybe Spirit of the Dance is just the right ticket.

   At New York-New York, the divine Rita Rudner is wonderful. Her show has always been a crowd-pleaser but it’s revitalized and even fresher. Let’s not forget Rita was voted Comedienne of the Year for both 2001 and 2002. She’s also busy with a movie, a television show and her own web page.

   Over at The Rio, Penn & Teller are selling out almost every night. Tony & Tina’s Wedding is also a big hit with the already wed, newly-wed, and those who would rather be dead than wed. Also at the Rio, Greg Thompson’s Showgirls will soon be missing the lovely Sunny, who is scheduled to leave October 1. Sunny and Greg have a new home in Seattle and Sunny wants to decorate her home before touring China in her one woman show. Sunny is such a gracious lady and her friends, myself included, will miss her. Her name says it all.

   I’ll go anywhere for a story. Usually my travels take me to such places as Miami Beach or New York City, but a recent trip took me to a small community in Southern California called Temecula. Rumbles from the grapevine about a new tribal casino called Penchanga sounded enticing. I wasn’t disappointed when I caught “Buddy, Roy & Elvis” appearing in the Pechanga Showroom at what is immodestly billed as California’s Best Resort & Casino.

   Seems these legends of Rock n’ Roll have been packing in the crowds and have been re-booked for November. In addition to the recent success of the Pechanga Showroom, the country western folks are lining up for Wynonna on September 13. For those of you traveling to Southern California, check it out. There is casino life and entertainment beyond our city limits!

   The Monti Rock-mobile made a lot of stops this week. First was the Stardust Hotel & Casino to check rehearsals for Bob Anderson’s new show. Then there’s the Celine Dion room at Caesars Palace, which is making progress.

   As I reported earlier, New York-New York is building a new venue for Cirque du Soleil following the exit of Lord of the Dance and rumor is that MGM Grand may house another Cirque du Soleil production after EFX leaves. We’re all going to have to learn to speak French!

   Hats off to the Silverton Hotel & Casino for promoting a blood drive on September 11. The Silverton’s Showroom will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the public and the Silverton employees to donate blood in remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy. The All American Buffet will be open for all donors free of charge.

   Many wonderful friends were called to duty to help Jerry Lewis and his annual MDA Telethon. Las Vegas stars are always willing to contribute, and this year was no different. Charo, Lance Burton and Clint Holmes were among this year’s star list.

   Fox Television hit a homerun this year with its own version of a “reality” show, American Idol. Even though it generated huge ratings, how real can anything on TV be? Real teeth? Real dimples? Real, sculpted bodies? We all know that once the cameras are rolling, reality goes out the window. Yet, it was great to see America’s young aren’t all standing on the corner or cruising the streets.

   The Tuscany, a garden-style apartment/hotel on East Flamingo is about to add some shows with some big surprises. Stay tuned.