Bad Beat’s good news!

Sep 10, 2002 4:28 AM

   GamingToday readers have probably noticed in recent issues that we have stepped up our coverage of live poker action. We have had numerous requests recently to include more information on poker, so that’s exactly what we’re doing. Our readers have spoken, and we have responded!

   Some “old-timers” probably remember when GamingToday pioneered in-depth coverage of poker back in the 1970s — we have a history with the game. Now, with the many exciting things happening in the poker world these days, GT will keep its readers more informed about tournament information, playing strategies, tips, special promotions, and of course, industry news. After all, we’ve been in the gaming news business since 1976.

   THIS WAS NOT A BAD BEAT! When a California woman turned over her cards in a $3-$6 Hold’em game at the Stardust in Las Vegas Thursday night with Aces full of Queens and was told that wasn’t good enough, within moments she became one of the happiest poker players around.

   I know that must sound strange, but her opponent’s four Queens gave her what may have been the largest Bad Beat Jackpot ever paid in Las Vegas. The Stardust Bad Beat Jackpot had swelled to $88,148 and could only be won if the losing hand was Aces full of tens or better. The “loser” got $44,074 (50%), the holder of the winning hand got $22,037 (25%) plus the pot, and the other seven players in the game split the remaining 25%, which amounted to $3,148 apiece.

   Card Room Manager Bobby Rihel said that the game was made up mostly of tourists, and most of them didn’t even realize what had happened. From an informal poll taken with nearly a dozen Vegas poker room managers, I can’t find anybody that can remember a Bad Beat Jackpot getting this high before. By the way, their new Hold’em jackpot is already over $50,000.

   Check out GT’s current list of Bad Beat Jackpots on page 16. Who knows, you could be the next big winner!

   IT’S “MEALS ON WHEELS” AT SUNSET STATION. When you first meet Jackie Graybill, you immediately recognize her enthusiasm about managing a poker room. Jackie took over as Poker Room Manager at the Henderson, Nevada, Sunset Station within the last year, and is recognized by many for working very hard to build and to keep her customer base. Her latest move to please her players has been to bring table-side food service to them, so they can eat while they play — just like they do in the California card rooms. Although a limited selection is offered, the Poker Room Menu is available to players 24 hours a day/7 days a week. What’s next, Jackie, a fitness center? I don’t think so, but I’m sure she’s got other great plans for the future.

   LADIES DO WELL AT COMMERCE. Cheryl Kaufman of Los Angeles didn’t win a single event during the recent Ladies Poker Dream Weekend at Commerce Casino in Commerce, California, but she did take home a one-of-a-kind championship diamond necklace for winning the Best All-Around Player title after placing in the money in two out of three tournament events. Top event finishers were winner Cheryl Campbell of Burbank, CA, in Limit Hold’em, with Michelle Duan of Anaheim second, Ginny Bond of Las Vegas third, and Z.Berstein of Tustin, CA, fourth; winner Sharon Norman of Riverside, CA, in 7 Stud, with Susie Isaacs of Las Vegas second, Gloria Sheehan of Simi Valley, CA, third, and Cheryl Kaufman fourth; and champion Espy Enriquez of Oceanside, CA, in the final Limit Hold’em event, with Alice Talbot of Arcadia, CA, second, Cheryl Kaufman third, and Ginger Keaotamai of Downey, CA, fourth.

   QUALIFY FOR BIG BUCKS AT STATIONS. Station Casinos in Las Vegas is again running their popular $100,000 Poker Plus Tournament. Players qualify for play by recording 40 hours of play at Palace Station, Sunset Station, Boulder Station and Texas Station from Sept. 1 through midnight Oct. 31. Actual tournament play will be Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 17-18, at Texas Station. Top prize is $20,000, second place is $10,000, with prize money paid out to the top 300 finishers.

   $5,000 Freeroll At Sam’s Town. Players can qualify during the month of September for an Oct. 3 $5,000 Freeroll Poker Tournament. Fifty hours of play are required during September. The first six levels of tournament play are two Stud/two Omaha/ two Limit Hold’em, and the rest of the tournament is No Limit Hold’em.

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