A week later, lights turned off on me at UNLV

Sep 10, 2002 4:56 AM

   All I can say is that it’s pretty darn exciting so far. Just some great games to watch and wager on.

   The only down spot so far was the UNLV/Wisconsin debacle in which the game did not go the allotted time needed to be official due to a power failure. There were a lot of irate cheeseheads out there. I hope at least they got a few comps. As for me I made a little wager on the Rebels, maybe this will be my year!


Saturday, Sept. 14

   PENN ST +pts vs Nebraska: Joe Pa told the groundskeepers to let the grass grow for two weeks. Giving Joe P. two weeks to get his troops ready seems like money in the bank. Cornhuskers make first trip away from home and on real grass will play right into Penn State’s hands.

   TEXAS -pts at N.Carolina: This game has all the makings of a romp. Texas takes no prisoners. Should slam dunk these guys.

   FLORIDA ST -pts at Maryland: FSU can’t afford to overlook these guys. Will put forth top effort here. Lay the number.

   CAL +pts at Michigan St. This really looks like a solid play. Spartans get Notre Dame next week and may just be looking a little forward. Cal will play like it’s life and death. One of the better plays of the week.

   NOTRE DAME pk or +pts vs Michigan. Love new HC Willingham and so does his team. Will get maximum effort every week. Go along for the ride.

   OHIO ST -pts vs Wash St: Super freshman RB Clarrett helps control the game for the Buckeyes. Lay the points and go to the window.


(Home team in CAPS)

   S.CAROLINA -pts over Georgia

   IOWA -pts over Iowa St.

   TCU -pts over Southern Methodist

   OKLAHOMA ST +pts over Ucla

   OREGON ST -pts over Unlv

   TEMPLE +pts over Miami FL coming off Florida

   RUTGERS +pts over Army

   SO. MISS -pts over Memphis


Sunday, Sept. 15

   BROWNS (best bet) The dog boys start their run at the Division.

   Also: Cowboys, Bills. 49ers. Steelers.