Palace Station unveilsnew keno pay table

Sep 17, 2002 7:22 AM

   The Palace Station has come out with a new pay card, and it is a winner.

   Let's start with the 8 spot:

   8/8   $50,000

   7/8    $  1,500

   6/8    $       75

   5/8    $         5

   Trimmed at the waist, yes, but that's what makes the figure better. And the solid 8 is a progressive; it just starts at $50 grand. I can nit-pick here: maybe the 7/8 should pay a little less, but altogether a great play for a straight $1 bets.

   And the $1 6 Spot:

   6/6    $2,500 Progressive

   5/6    $     70

   4/6    $       2

   3/6    $       1

   Again, smaller low end pay outs, but much larger for the solid hit.

   he 7 Spot:

   7/7   $10,000

   6/7    $     300

   5/7    $       20

   4/7    $          1

   So $10 grand looks like a round figure to you? Take your best shot.

   If you're a one, two, three, or four spot player, some of the best payouts in Las Vegas are on the card. These players will want to play $2 or more per way; they'll see why when they inspect the pay card.

   If you're 20 spot player, they have a 20 spot that pays $1,000 on a 0 out of 20, which is the most common sizeable win on the 20 spot, and one thing you should note when looking for good 20 spots to play.

   The 10 spot pays $1,000,000 for a solid hit. Not a bad bet at all, but you should stick to $1 tickets here; there is no advantage to playing more per way. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with playing as many straight $1 quik-pics as your heart desires, or playing that 45 way ten that Grandpa used to play; just play it for $1 per way at the Station.

   Not everyone likes 12 spot tickets but I do (based on some computer simulations I did a few years ago) and the Palace Station 12 spot pays $60,000 for a buck when hit solid, and it also pays for 5 and 0 catches.

   This is an impressive pay card.

   Well that's it for this week, Good Luck! I'll see you in line.