Sovereign Solution extends to casinos

Sep 17, 2002 7:57 AM

   Privacy, security and confidentiality have been the watchwords for Sovereign Solution’s personal security vaults. Now you can add “competitive advantage” to the mix.

   “We’ve just created a program that provides local casinos the ultimate resource in maintaining and expanding their casino customer base,” said Garry Owens, spokesman for Sovereign Solution. “This unique service allows casino clients to place valuables, including casino chips, into personal security vaults that only they can access.”

   The personal security vaults are accessible 24 hours a day via an advanced iris recognition system that ensures only the vault holder can gain access.

   Moreover, the Sovereign Solution clients remain anonymous so their vault is truly a “safe haven” for their valuables.

   Sovereign Solution, located at 3110 E. Sunset Road, is the brainchild of Elliot Shaikin, a 16-year Las Vegas resident, who developed the idea after becoming frustrated with the constraints associated with traditional safe deposit boxes.

   The result is a cross between a Swiss bank account and Fort Knox, where clients enjoy complete anonymity, and their valuables are protected with space age security.

   The new Sovereign Advantage Casino Program extends the unique service to casinos and their valued customers.

   “This is a breakthrough for casinos because they can keep their customers loyal by providing them a service that defers tax implications, protects their bankroll and ultimately keeps their resources in town,” Owens said.

   For more information about the Sovereign Solution, call (702) 948-5555.