Nevada Numbers to launch new statewide game

September 17, 2002 8:04 AM


This week’s Global Gaming Expo will offer Las Vegas Inc., the opportunity to unveil a new statewide bingo game. "The game plays in conjunction with Nevada Numbers," Las Vegas Inc., Vice President Gary Baldwin told GamingToday in an exclusive interview Friday. "We call it the combo ticket ”” playing both Nevada Bingo and Nevada Numbers.

Baldwin said the 4-year-old company will use the G2E environment to focus also on demonstrating a windows-based keno management system. "I am very glad to see the consolidation again in gaming conventions," Baldwin said. "I am hoping G2E will be one of the biggest. We went to it last year and sat on the sidelines for the second one (World Gaming Conference). I think we made the right decision."

Baldwin helped found Las Vegas Inc., along with company President Russ Roth. The firm’s creation was based on finding a niche around bingo, keno and so-called lotteries. "Our marketplace centers around those three," Baldwin said. "Our games are variations of what lotteries are across the country. I want to emphasize that fact. Lotteries are illegal in Nevada." Nevada Numbers is a variation of keno and has been licensed by the Gaming Control Board.

"Normally in keno you draw 20 balls out of a pool of 80," Baldwin said. "Our variation involves drawing five balls out of a pool of 80 numbers. In Illinois, they draw five out of 49. The state of Nevada recognizes our game as a side of keno and we are happy."

Baldwin said the future of Las Vegas Inc., looks great. "We have more games coming out next year," he said. "I look at 40 properties within next six months using our stuff on the Las Vegas Keno Gaming Network."