Excitement from sports books is my best parlay

Sep 17, 2002 9:06 AM

The football fans are in the sports books yelling and screaming on every play. You need every break to cash a ticket on the NFL. You need the ref to make just one good call for your team to get a break. Don’t you just love it! There is a lot to overcome but it is well worth it when the breaks go your way, it makes you forget about all else, so get those parlay cards ready for this week.

Friday, Sept. 20

Marshall (—pts) vs Central Florida. UCFs’ third straight road game could take its toll, plus Marshall at home looks like a good play to start our week off as the Thursday game Looks pretty darn even.

Saturday, Sept. 21

Utah (SU) at Michigan. A straight up win for the Utes! Just love this game. Utah dead solid on both sides of the ball, will play Michigan tooth and nail entire game. Much bigger game for the Utah team and program. Big win here could make the year for Utes.

Michigan St. (—pts) vs Notre Dame. Hate to go against much improved Irish but all looks like a go here at a short price.

UCLA (—pts) over Colorado. Less than a field goal says U-C-L-A beats over rated Colorado.

Ohio St (—pts) at Cincinnati. Lay the wood.

Florida (+pts) at Tennessee. Huge game for the gators. Florida already in a must win situation Needs to put forth here or any big season hopes are over. Florida gets the money.

Kansas St (—pts) vs USC. Kansas State just has too much of everything for SoCal to handle. Lay the points, go to the window.

VA Tech (—pts UNDER) at Texas A&M. Tech has all the offense here and can play "D" as good as any team in the country.

Kentucky (—pts) vs Middle Tenn St. Lots of points to be scored in this one. Probably could bet over 90, but won’t see a total on this game unless Sid out at the Rampart gets a bet to see how high he can go. Got any gamble Sid? Kentucky by many in this matchup.

Troy St (+pts) at Iowa St. Just love this game as Iowa St. has this sandwich game in between Iowa and Nebraska next week. The points look great here for solid Troy St.

Other college games that have some value. Georgia Tech, Oregon St., So. Miss, South Carolina, Hawaii, Miami Ohio, Virginia, Central Michigan and TCU.

Last Week: 11-4

Season Record: 19-8

Sunday, Sept. 22

Cowboys (+pts) at Eagles. Cowboys "D" will keep this close to give the "Boys" a chance for the upset.

Bills (+pts) at Broncos. Denver super tuff at home but look for Buffalo to give them all they want.

49ers (—pts) vs Redskins. SF brings Redskins to reality as its blow out time.

Lions (+pts) vs Packers. Detroit finally gets home to there new stadium and a packed house. Look for huge effort here. Money line?

Last Week: 3-2

Season Record: 7-3