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Miss stunned by $ drop

Sep 24, 2002 5:47 AM

What a difference a month can make in Mississippi.

July’s record winnings turned into double-digit dropoffs in casino earnings, according to figures released by the Mississippi Gaming Association.

The 29 state-regulated casinos drew winnings of $213 million, the worst August since 1998. Statewide revenues fell 10 percent.

In comparison, Louisiana’s state-licensed casinos reported a 2.4 percent rise.

Billy Klauser, director of Mississippi’s miscellaneous tax division, which covers casino revenues, said he knew of no reason for the decline.

Compacts blocked

A federal appeals court has overturned an order that blocked Arizona’s governor from negotiating Indian gaming compacts without legislative consent.

The court’s decision may not carry weight depending on the results of three gambling measures on the November ballot. If one passes, that measure is expected to guide Arizona’s gambling future.

The Arizona Indian Gaming Association supported the court ruling, but noted that the electorate would craft the state’s gaming regulations.

Suit overturned

An appeals court in Wisconsin overturned a lawsuit brought by Dairyland Greyhound Park, giving new life to stopping Gov. Scott McCallum from renewing tribal gaming compacts for 17 casinos.

Dairyland officials have argued that a 49 percent decline in total bets between 1991 and 2000 resulted from competition from tribal casinos.

ALSO: An Albany (N.Y.) lawyer won an appellate court order requiring the state to defend its transfer of the Niagara Falls Convention Center to the Seneca Nation for a casino by next week.

...An amendment to New Jersey’s constitution that would allow slot-machine gaming outside the borders of Atlantic City was proposed to the state’s Tourism and Gaming Committee during a meeting last week in Trenton.