New topless revue has best of both genders

Sep 24, 2002 6:37 AM

   Skintight, a Greg Thompson show over at Harrah’s is about to make a strange change. Not exactly a sex change, but the possibilities are intriguing: They’re adding hunks, sexy men, bisexual, bilingual, by whatever, to go along with the beautiful topless showgirls. I guess it’s a kind-of unisex, something for every-body, hunks and honey revue. Well, you get the point. Cleavage and pectorals on the same stage!

   Hollyweird Hollywood or the Latin Grammy Awards. I had a choice. It was Diva a la American Idol or it was Diva a la Celia Cruz with blue hair and all.

   With millions following the American Idols I figured the Latin Grammy Awards needed me more so off I went with my leopard jet, otherwise known as the Rock Mobile. I won’t say the show was boring, but I found the clothes, the dress, the style to be the highlight with beautiful chiffon and wonderful makeup. Who were these people? Carlos Santana I know, Mark Anthony I know and of course Gloria and Emilio Estefan — probably the founders of the Latin Grammys. Certainly lots of Latinos and Cubans came because they were stranded or maybe they heard about a possible hurricane. Might have been something about visas.

   To me, the show was a fashion statement. My favorite was Shakira. She was sexy, and is a brilliant performer. As always, it’s great to see Celia Cruz who must be the Latin answer to Aretha Franklin, except a smaller version. Have you seen Aretha lately?

   I did have a wonderful evening in Hollywood. It was a great dinner party given in my honor by none other than the lovely Lorna Luft. Lorna had just cancelled her appearance with Don Rickles at the Stardust because she decided to do Gypsy. Now that’s great. The big news is, she’s producing a television film about Candy Darling. For those of you who don’t know, Candy was a transsexual. She was in a show called Vain Victory.

   Upon my return to Las Vegas, I was pleased to hear American Idol was a sell out and that everyone still loves America’s newest sweetheart, Kelly Clarkston. The show will be on television next week — I’ll catch it then.

   Oops, I had it wrong. David Copperfield’s show Portal, will be at the MGM Grand on Oct 10-16, then again on October 31-November 6. A must see show!

   Another date to mark on your calendar is October 4-9, for Sinatra Sings Sinatra also at the MGM Grand. Frank Sinatra, Jr. does a fabulous job and with a full orchestra they make real music. He is wonderful!

   Stars, stars, stars are coming to Las Vegas for the annual Andre Agassi grand slam for children on Sept. 28. The Slam will be at the MGM Grand and this year the line up includes Robin Williams, Elton John, Babyface and none other than Carlos Santana. Andre, our home-grown hero, will always be number one for us and his efforts for the kids unsurpassed. It’s great star-watching and a great charity.

   Penn & Teller will be appearing on celebrity Fear Factor scheduled to be televised Sept. 23. What a combination! These guys have been packing them in at the Rio, and Fear Factor is getting a two-for-one with this combo.