Nearly 2 out of 3 dogs producing spread covers

Sep 24, 2002 9:24 AM

   What goes up, must come down. The “dawgs” came back to earth with just seven covering the spread Sunday. The puppies are still running at 65% over the first three weeks of the season.

   Teams on the road have been sizzling as well (doesn’t hurt that the road teams are generally the teams receiving the points). The visiting clubs have finished 19-10 or 65% over the last two weeks.

   So far this season it seems like it’s the year of scoring points. Nearly every offense seems to be 10 steps ahead of whatever defense is out there. Plenty of points on the board usually makes the fans very happy.

   Keep lighting up Denny The Dog’s scoreboard and my bankroll will be fat and happy!

   CHIEFS +3½ over Dolphins: Can’t deny the Fish are really jumpin’! Fiedler is off to a fast start. Ricky Williams has run for over 100 yards in all three wins.  Chiefs will slow him down.  Priest Holmes will be up for the challenge. Trent Green was super in loss to Pats.

   Bears +2½ over BILLS: Chicago has been hit hard with injuries. Three key starters out last week versus Saints. Bears still almost pulled victory out against a very special Saints team. Compared to Aaron Brooks, Bledsoe will be a much bigger and slower target. Anthony Thomas way over 100 yards again. Bills can’t run the ball.

   LIONS +7½ over Saints: The Saints finally can catch their breath after opening with Bucs, Packers and Bears. Look for a slight letdown with Pittsburgh on the schedule the following week. Harrington shaky in first start with four interceptions. But he put up enough points to cover versus Packers.

   Panthers +7½ over PACKERS: For Peete’s sake give the cats a little respect! The old man has them 3-0, even though every team they’ve defeated is winless. Favre will put this overachieving D to its toughest test yet. The feeling here is that the Panthers will win the money. Lamar Smith, having a rebirth of sorts, rushed for over 150 last week at Minnesota.

   JAGUARS -3½ over Jets: Can’t really think of anything positive to write about the Jets. That’s not a great sign for Jets’ punters. Plenty of negative on the Jags side of the field too. But Brunell looks like he might have more weapons to fire, whether its by land or air. Jags D is also in better shape after a one week vacation.

   Texans +21 over EAGLES: I think the Houston defense has a good chance to keep this one close. They did the job for most of the game against Manning and the Colts. But gave up a late score and lost the money. Laying 21 is not something a dawg lover could do in good faith.

   Browns + 6½ over STEELERS: Pittsburgh dropped first two to Pats and Raiders. Browns not in the same league, but even hurt are finding ways to win. Kordell Stewart’s inconsistency should keep the Browns in the money. Fans have already started calling for Kordell to be shipped.

   Cowboys + 8 over RAMS: Big question mark over Kurt Warner after poor performances against Broncos and Giants.

   Giants -3 over CARDS: I’m as excited about the Cards as their fans are. Plenty of empty seats at home last week. Probably will be again this week after uninspiring performance against Chargers.

   BENGALS +9 over Bucs: Cincy humbled by speedy Michael Vick. Brad Johnson will make an easier target. Bucs coming off emotional Monday nite affair with Rams. Bengals can’t be as bad as everyone thinks, can they?

   RAIDERS -5½ over Titans: Difficult to get excited about Titans after they’ve lost to Cowboys and Browns. Tennessee blew a two-TD lead in five minutes versus Cleveland. Oakland appears loaded with talent. And they don’t appear to have lost any offense or emotion with the loss of Gruden.

   CHARGERS +2 over Patriots: The Pats didn’t win the money last week but are 2-1 against the spread. The Chargers have won all three games and covered the points every time. Tough battle of two unbeatens.

   Vikings +2½ over SEAHAWKS: Giant battle for two winless clubs. I’m going with the Vikes and Culpepper over Dilfer. Hopefully Culpepper and Moss will patch things up prior to game.

   RAVENS +8 over Broncos: Too many points. Denver making a statement that they might be the best in the league. And they might be. But Ray Lewis will find a way to contain Griese and company.


SEASON: 24-19-2

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