Giants will get Houston’s best arms

Sep 24, 2002 9:30 AM

Games for week ending Sept. 29

In the final week of the baseball season, the last Wild Card spot in the National League remains up for grabs.

San Francisco leads Los Angeles by two games and trail Arizona by 4½ with six left on the schedule.

Giants at Brewers: The Giants have no picnic with an Astros team that will be playing loose, now that their run against the Cards is over. San Fran will see Houston’s best pitchers-Wade Miller, Roy Oswalt and Peter Munro. Giants will use Jason Schmidt twice this week if needed. Going with Schmidt and Russ Ortiz and hope it’s enough.

Padres at Dodgers: The Padres have been a thorn in L.A.’s side all year and figure to continue their pesky ways. Dodgers have a lot of character, but two behind with six games left. Not too happy about their chances.

Rockies at D’backs: Arizona with 4½-game lead over Giants with six to play are a cinch to finish atop the NL West. Give the Rockies a dose of Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling and it’s all they wrote. D’backs could have clinched first by the time the series starts.

M’s at Angels: Seattle playing tough now that the playoffs can’t be reached. Mariners will have Freddy Garcia and Joel Piniero along with Jamie Moyer. No hope for Angels of winning the division. Have to settle for Wild Card and meeting the Yankees. Anaheim has been tough against NY. Should be interesting.

A’s at Rangers: Oakland had a three-game lead over Anaheim with six to play entering the week. Though all six are on the road, it will take a monumental disaster for Oakland not to finish first. A’s pitching just too strong with Mulder, Hudson and Zito clinching title before series with Texas starts.