Action fierce at Four Queens

Oct 1, 2002 5:29 AM

   A very active fall major poker tournament schedule continues with the Four Queens Poker Classic, the Sweet September tournament at Hustler Casino underway, and the California Ladies State Championship just completed.  Big pan tournament action was just completed at Jackie Gaughan’s Plaza and will soon begin at the Commerce Casino.

   FOUR QUEENS POKER CLASSIC — A busy event schedule continues through Sunday.  Results this past week include:

   Event #6 — 7 Stud Hi-Lo:  Pat Enos, a builder/developer from Kaneohe, HI, bested a field of 105 to win this event.  Hal Wardlaw, a retired civil servant from Las Vegas, got second, and Hai Duyen Tran of Huntington Park, CA, was third.

   Event #7 — Pot Limit Omaha:  Peter “The Poet” Costa, recent victor of the Hall of Fame Classic championship event at Binion’s Horseshoe, was one of three Brits to make the final table for this $300 pot limit event.  He ended up chopping first and second place prize money with runner-up An Tran of Las Vegas but took the title.  The third-place finisher was Ron Stanley of Las Vegas.

   Event #8 — No Limit Hold'em:  An Tran of Las Vegas took charge of the final table and never looked back as he picked up the title and $29,940 in first prize money.  Englander Ash Pervaiz  was second, and Chris Grigorian of Los Angeles finished third.

   Event #9 — Omaha Hi-Lo:  Three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner “Miami” John Cernuto of Las Vegas made a late session surge to grab the chip lead.  It got down to he and runner-up Brian Nadell of La Crescenta, CA, heads-up before the two made an event-ending deal.  Paul Honas of Las Vegas was third.

   Event #10 — 7 Stud:  Leandro Alvarez, a prop player for the Bicycle Casino from Carson, CA, fiercely battled T.J. Cloutier of Richardson, TX, in this $500 event before finally taking the title.  Cloutier, of course, is the all-time leading World Series of Poker tournament money winner, finished second, and James Hoeppner of Las Vegas was third.

   Event #11 — Limit Hold'em:  Attorney Allyn Jaffrey of Laguna Niguel, CA, made a remarkable comeback to take the title for this $500 event.  Ryan Hughes and James Ferrel, both of Phoenix, finished second and third, respectively.

   Event #12 — Pot Limit Omaha:  Swedish-born Chris Bjorin, who now resides in London, England, went on a late rush to snare the $31,420 first place prize and title over John Juanda of Alhambra, CA, and third place finisher Scotty Warbucks of Glendale, CA.

   Event #13 — Ladies ½ Hold'em-½ 7 Stud:  Four Queens Poker Classic tournament producer Bonnie Damiano bested fellow Las Vegans Karina Jett and Flo Miller to take first place in this split game event.

   HUSTLER CASINO’S SWEET SEPTEMBER — The first event was held Sept. 16th and continues through Oct. 2:

   Event #8 — Limit Hold’em:  1-Zaynab Mogadam; 2-Chip Jett; 3-Eulyses Sandovar.

   Event #9 — Pot Limit Hold’em:  1-Ngoc Huynh; 2-Not available; 3-David Hoekstra.

   Event #10 — Limit Hold’em:  1-Russell Rosen; 2-Jerry Wiley; 3-Boon Kho.

   Event #11 — No Limit Hold’em:  1-Daniel Goldman; 2-Roy Colman; 3-Edward Monacada.

   Event #12 — No Limit Hold’em:  1-Steven Dell; 2-Frank Rite; 3-Neil Smith.

   Event #13 — Limit Omaha Hi-Lo:  1-Ferdinand Sicam; 2-John Sygiel; 3-Kimberly Sullivan.

   Event #14 — Limit Hold’em:  1-Domingo Encisco; 2-Paul Javier; 3-Kenneth Choy.

   JACKIE GAUGHAN’S PLAZA PAN TOURNAMENT WINDS UP — The tournament was held Sept. 24-26 at Jackie Gaughan’s Plaza Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.  A field of 152 players filled 19 tables for this competition.  Side action occupied 14 tables with players competing at conditions of up to $25.  Hotel owner Jackie Gaughan welcomed players from all over the U.S. and Canada and entertained them in the side games with his little sayings as he played certain cards, such as: “Five of spades, call the maid” and “Out for four, close the doors.”  A woman from Florida won the first day’s event, which paid $2,482 for first, while a San Diego woman won the second day’s event and the $6,528 prize, and another Florida woman took first on the final day, besting the field for first place money of $5,950.  The Plaza’s next tournament will be held Jan 13-16, 2003.

   COMMERCE QUARTERLY PAN TOURNAMENT THIS MONTH — Pan players will note that Commerce Casino's next $10,000 quarterly pan tournament will be held Oct. 22-23.  Offering a guaranteed first place prize of $10,000, the two-day tournament posts a $200 entry fee that includes $25 in tournament chips and complimentary buffets on both days.

The event will be flanked by a special early bird competition on Oct. 21 and a bonus final elimination tournament on Oct. 24.  Commerce Casino offers the world's largest pan section.

   CALIFORNIA LADIES STATE CHAMPIONSHIP AT OCEANS ELEVEN CASINO — Tournament play began Sept. 19 and ended on Sept. 23:

Event #1 — Limit Hold'em:  1-Shan Shan Gu, West Covina, CA; 2-Susanne Carter, Oceanside, CA; 3-Nancy White, NM.

Event #2 — 7 Stud:  Bonnie Anderson, Hemet, CA; 2-Merlita Newcomer, Newcomer, CA; 3-Kari Mumm, Oceanside, CA.

Event #3 — Limit Hold'em:  1-Sue Byrd, Reno, NV; 2-Karen Hill, AZ; 3-Sharon Silvas, Los Angeles, CA.

Event #4 — Omaha Hi-Lo:  1-Espy Enriquez, Oceanside, CA; 2-Sharon Silvas, Huntington Beach, CA; 3-Lauri Adams, Perris, CA.

$2,000 Hold'em Freeroll Tournament:  1-Karen Hill, AZ; 2-Jackie Clayton, CA; 3-Mila Showalter, CA.