Dolphins will hang second loss to road-weary Pats

Oct 1, 2002 7:08 AM

Games for week ending Oct. 7.

Dolphins 24, Patriots 20: Both teams went on the road undefeated last week and came home with a loss. Patriots taste defeat for the second time when visiting Miami. Dolphins not a better team, but at this stage they are superior. MIAMI —2.

Steelers 24, Saints 20: The Steelers were a different team with Tommy Maddux at QB. In my mind, Pittsburgh can’t win with Kordell Stewart running the team. The running game picks up this week with Jerome Bettis gaining some yardage. Maddux will shred the Saints secondary. PITTSBURGH +3.

Titans 23, Redskins 16: Washington should have spent the off week shopping for a QB. Titans no bargain. Can handle this crew. TENNESSEE —5½.

Giants 17, Cowboys 13: Beating winless Rams has moved Dallas up in class. Don’t know why. NEW YORK +1.

Colts 31, Bengals 7: Here is where the Colts defense will shine. Bengals have no offense and that makes Indy defense stellar. INDIANAPOLIS —13½.

Jets 27, Chiefs 24: Kansas City is favored, a mistake to beat Jets in Giants Stadium. Jets should be favored. New York a dangerous opponent with the capability of striking back. NEW YORK+3.

Falcons 24, Bucs 17: The Bucs will have their hands full with Michael Vick. Not the party they had with inept Cincinnati, who can’t score touchdowns. ATLANTA +2½.

Bills 27, Raiders 24: Buffalo a gutsy football team with a courageous QB who has found himself in the right place with some quality receivers. Game is cinch to go over 50. Drew Bledsoe and Company continue to put points on the board. BUFFALO —3.

Cards 17, Panthers 13: The feeling here is Carolina’s bubble has burst. The Panthers will now settle down and play average football. Cardinals are on the rise. ARIZONA +4.

Chargers 31, Broncos 27: The Chargers riding the crest of the wave, being undefeated after four games. San Diego takes on another undefeated team prior to last Monday’s game with Baltimore. Broncos will find this San Diego team a lot different. SAN DIEGO +6.

49ers 34, Rams 13: St. Louis has its back to the wall, which makes the Rams dangerous. However, there is no ammo in the arsenal. SAN FRANCISCO —7.

Eagles 24, Jaguars 17: Jacksonville’s nice start goes by the board here. Eagles starting to look like the class of the NFL. Jacksonville doing it with mirrors and we see cracks. PHILADELPHIA —3.

Browns 24, Ravens 10: Cleveland must be kicking itself for not being undefeated. Still to be 2-2 with all the dumb plays could be worse. Browns rectify that record this week. CLEVELAND —7.

Packers 27, Bears 23: Chicago’s luck has run out, however there could be strange happenings Monday night. The Chicago defense not as great as in past years. Green Bay’s offense hasn’t shined yet, but now is the time. PACKERS +1.

Last week: 9-4

Season: 42-17