Hustlin’ poker!

Oct 1, 2002 7:58 AM

   The significance of tournament poker just moved up another notch with Hustler Casino’s announcement of the Larry Flynt Poker Challenge Cup, which features the largest prize ever offered to 7 card stud players — a $1 million guarantee for first place in the final event.

   The new 15-day major poker tournament will begin Feb. 23, 2003 with daily events covering all of the standard tournament games and ranging in buy-ins from $200 to $1,000.

   All events will have guaranteed prize pool minimums, and several will offer a guaranteed $100,000 prize pool. The grand finale will take place on Mar. 9 with the Larry Flynt Invitational Challenge Cup and a minimum $1 million first prize at stake.

   Flynt — publishing magnate, casino proprietor and avid poker player — will personally host and play in the Invitational Challenge Cup event, which is expected to attract the attention of the world’s top stud players as well as bring in a number of celebrity poker enthusiasts.

   The unprecedented event brings an unprecedented price tag, a hefty $125,000 buy-in —the largest in poker tournament history.

   For those players who can’t ante up the $125,000 entry, they can earn their way into the main event through satellites scheduled at Hustler Casino every weekend before the big event.

Satellite entry fees are only $300. These one-table satellite winners will advance to round two against other one-table winners.

   Winners in the second round will receive $3,000 and move ahead to a third round against similar winners. Third round winners will earn a $125,000 seat in the Invitational Challenge Cup play.

   High-stakes 7 card stud action is ever present at the elegant Hustler Casino, which is already widely known for its regularly scheduled $400-$800, $1,000-$2,000 and $1,500-$3,000 weekly stud games. But the Invitational Challenge Cup reaches an unparalleled level in 7 card stud competition.

   “This will be the biggest stud tournament ever held,” Hustler Casino General Manager Yosh Nakano told GamingToday. “Seven-card stud is Larry Flynt’s favorite game, and he wanted to create a great event for poker, and of course, for his Hustler Casino.”

   The final event will be televised, although Nakano says he’s not at liberty to release any detailed information about the telecast at this time. He said that more tournament details would be forthcoming.

   When informed about this new major event, one veteran poker industry insider said, “The Invitational Challenge Cup is another great example of the aggressive marketing style that continues to posture Hustler Casino as one of the most innovative casino operators in the business.”