World Poker Tour announces invitational

Oct 15, 2002 2:50 AM

   The World Poker Tour has announced that Commerce Casino in Commerce, CA, will host the first annual World Poker Tour Invitational, an inventive new tournament competition that will bring together poker’s top living legends in an invitation-only $200,000 winner-takes-all event. This history-making poker tournament will be played Feb. 25-26, 2003, which is immediately following the Commerce Casino’s LA Poker Classic tournament.

   Tournament action will be filmed for later broadcast as part of WPT’s future television series, and the winner will also earn a $25,000 entry into the season-ending WPT Championship tournament in April at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

   “The WPT Invitational will be an annual tournament, created for TV, where poker players who’ve achieved legend status in the world of poker will play for winner-takes-all prize money,” stated WPT Chief Executive Officer Steve Lipscomb. “Players will be eliminated one-by-one until a single player has all the chips and walks away with $200,000.”

   The WPT is a joint venture between Lipscomb, an accomplished television creator and award-winning filmmaker, and Lakes Gaming, Inc., whose founder and CEO is Lyle Berman.

   MESQUITE TOURNAMENT OPENS SOON. The Oasis Open Poker tournament is scheduled for Oct. 25-29 at the Oasis Resort & Casino in Mesquite, NV, which is just 80 miles north of Las Vegas.

   BELLAGIO 5 O’CLOCK FRIDAY TOURNAMENT — Jason Higa of Honolulu, HI, beat out two Las Vegans, runner-up Bob Marcus and third place finisher Charlie Custer, to win this past week’s $500 buy-in Bellagio 5 O’clock Friday No Limit Hold'em Tournament. Higa won $6,790 from the field of 28, with Marcus getting $4,074, and Custer receiving $2,716.

In the prior week, Paul Kroh of Battle Mountain, NV, emerged from a field of 35 entries to take first place. He got $7,638, while Jacob Horowitz of Sydney, Australia, was second, earning $4,243, and Todd Berman of Las Vegas wound up third for $2,547.

   FOUR QUEENS POKER CLASSIC — Bruce Corman of Nottingham, England, took his first major tournament title in the No Limit Hold'em Championship Event of the Four Queens Poker Classic, which is the second longest running major tournament. The English clothing store owner says he plays poker as a hobby and likes to come to the U.S. four to five times a year to play in tournaments. Southern Californian Chris Karagulleyan wound up second and veteran professional T.J. Cloutier was third. Corman won $137,740 for first, Karagulleyan getting $79,200 for second and Cloutier receiving $41,320 for third.

   There were 71 entries into this $5,000 buy-in championship event. Other final table money finishers: 4-James Ferrel, $41,320; 5-Roman Celusta, $18,940; 6-Huck Seed, $15,500; 7-Jeri Thomas, $12,050; 8-Dave Ullio, $8,610; 9-Tom McCormick, $6,890.

   In earlier Four Queens Classic tournament action:

   Event #14 — Limit Hold'em: Ray Dehkarghani of Las Vegas picked up his first major tournament win by out-dueling Daniel Negreanu and T.J. Cloutier, two of the best in the business, for this $1,000 buy-in event. Negreanu of Las Vegas finished second, while

   Event #15 — Pot Limit Hold'em: David “The Dragon” Pham, named recently as best all-around player at the Bicycle Casino’s Legends of Poker tournament, took a chip lead to the final table and held onto it as the Bell Gardens, CA, resident scored an impressive win. An Tran of Las Vegas, who earlier had beat out 151 other entries for the $500 buy-in No Limit Hold'em Event #8 title, ended up heads up with Pham in this event before they struck a finishing agreement. Bob Slezak of Omaha, NE, was third.

   Event #16 — Omaha Hi-Lo: 1998 World Champion Scotty Nguyen of Henderson, NV, fought back from near-elimination to overcome a small but strong field of players for the $1,000 buy-in Omaha Hi-Lo title. Veteran tournament pros Brian Nadell of La Crescenta, CA, and Randy Holland of Winnetka, CA, finished second and third, respectively.

   Event #17 — No Limit Hold'em: Chris Bjorin, a professional player from London, became a two-time winner in the Four Queens Poker Classic by overcoming a field of 104 players to take this $1,000 buy-in event title and the $40,350 first prize. Bjorin and Norbert Hoelting of Essen, Germany, battled back and forth before Bjorin finally won the title. Finishing third behind the Europeans was Dan McGuire of Las Vegas.

   Event #18 — Limit Hold'em: Las Vegan Rajiv Rishi chased down final table chip leader Robert Taylor of Las Vegas to finally win the crystal first-place trophy and the $12,450 prize in this $300 buy-in event. Taylor finished second, with Joe Paul, a systems analyst from Bloomfield, NJ, winding up third.

   Special Event — Triple Draw Lowball: Mike Conti of Chicago, IL, finally got his first major tournament victory by playing a game he has never played before. Although this game is growing in popularity on the tournament circuit, Conti had never played it before. After making final tables in other tournaments but never winning, he prevailed over a small, but very experienced and talented field in this special added $540 buy-in event. A total of 30 re-buys were purchased in this event, however none of them was bought by the winner. Las Vegans Bob Walker and James Hoeppner finished second and third, respectively.

   Event #20 — Limit Hold'em: Bill Mullins, a part-time professional player from Columbia, MO, overcame a big chip deficit at the final table to beat out runner-up Paul Westley from London, England, and first-time tournament player Joel Norris of Powell, OH.

   CARIBBEAN POKER CLASSIC — Tournament play opened at the Holiday Inn Aruba Excelsior Casino on Oct. 8, and concludes on Oct. 15:

Event #1 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Scott Aigner, DuBuque, IA; 2-Ram Vaswani, London, England; 3-Phil Hellmuth, Palo Alto, CA.

Event #2 — No Limit Hold’em: 1-Mark Monogue, St. Paul, MN; 2-James Hoeppner, Las Vegas, NV; 3-Mike Lancaster, Lincoln, NE.

Event #3 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-Russ Hamilton, Las Vegas, NV; 2-Dewey Weum, Monona; 3-Scotty Nguyen, Las Vegas, NV.

Event #4 — 1-Wasyl Zaliwiciw, Philadelphia, PA; 2-Bill Mullins, Columbia, MO; 3-Todd Keikoan, Las Vegas, NV.

Event #5 — Pot Limit Hold'em: 1-Kim Nielsen, Denmark; 2-James Kamerzel, Daytona Beach, FL; 3-James Hoeppner, Las Vegas, NV.

Event #6 — Omaha Hi-Lo: 1-Mary Ann Favlonnis, Egg Harbor, NJ; 2-Ken Baker, Fargo, ND; 3-Robert Nappe, Linwood, NJ.

   FALL POKER CLASSIC — This second annual tournament opened play on Oct. 5 and continues through Oct. 18 at Canterbury Park Casino:

Event #1 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Steve Hannaford; 2-Jason Gedatus; 3-Max Miller.

Event #2 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-Svetoslav Nechev; 2-Kurt Munn; 3-Dick Dauer.

Event #3 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Tom Lynch; 2-Tom Komulainen; 3-Ralph Kontos.

Event #4 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-John Oetker; 2-Mathew Salo; 3-Stephen "Natso" Brite.

Event #5 — Omaha Hi-Lo: 1 Robert Keating; 2-Art Hamman; 3-Rick Rifenberg.

Event #6 — 7 Stud: 1-Lawrence McDowell; 2-Ralph Kontos; 3-Robert Keating.

Event #7 — 7 Stud Hi-Lo: 1-Bob Bronemann; 2-John Olson; 3-Chuck Osborn.

Event #8 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Andy Rich; 2-Nes Coburn; 3-Frank Garbuglio.

Event #9 — Ladies Hold'em: 1-Denise Carter; 2-Susan Karon; 3-Mary Ann Jodeit.

Event #10 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-Dave Fousek; 2-Mathew Young; 3-Terry Droeger.

Other tourney results

BIG POKER OKTOBER — This tournament began Oct. 3 and concluded on Oct. 15 at the Bicycle Casino:

Event #1 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Tony Abesamis; 2-Richard Dagres; 3-Edward Moncada.

Event #2 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Anthony Tran; 2-Hai Tran; 3-Van Zakarian.

Event #3 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-Justin Westmoreland; 2-Peter Wu; 3-Jollibert David.

Event #4 — 7 Stud Hi-Lo: 1-Men Nguyen; 2-Andom Ghebre; 3-Rich Nguyen.

Event #5 — Limit Omaha Hi-Lo: 1-Tom Roach; 2-Ulises Molina; 3-Brenden Hickey.

Event #6 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Farhang Ebadipour; 2-Andy Simon; 3-James Miller.

Event #7 — 7 Stud: 1-Binh Do; 2-Chris Grigorian; 3-Michael Fetter.

Event #8 — Lowball: 1-Boris Kolas; 2-Toby Atroshenko; 3-William Mendicki.

Event #9 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Minh Ly; 2-Can Hua; 3-Phil Nguyen.

Event #10 — No Limit Hold'em Championship: 1-Joe Grew, $37,955; 2-Binh Ta $18,200; 3-Donald Hoffman, $9,265; 4-Minh Ly, $5,975; 5-Michael Hartzheim, $4,565; 6-Tony Abersamis, $3,625; 7-John Juanda, $2,685; 8-Andre Maloof, $2,210; 9- George Nakagawa, $1,975.

Event #11 - 7 Stud Hi-Lo:  1-Frances Pinchot; 2-Tom Roach; 3-Anton Ulker.

FALL POT OF GOLD — Tournament play began Sept. 26 and concluded Oct. 6 at the Reno Hilton:

Event #1 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-Bruce Peck; 2-Sal Annab; 3-Joe Bilotta.

Event #2 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Khiem Nguyen, San Jose, CA; 2-Jim Hopperstead, Reno, NV; 3-Nikc Uoliastasis, Reno, NV.

Event #3 — Limit Omaha Hi-Lo: 1-Gary Furnessmo; 2-Nino Pigato; 3-Dominic Russo.

Event #4 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-Kim Brokaw, Paradise, CA; 2-Fred Rousan, Reno, NV; 3-Marvin Skagerberg, Central City, CO.

Event #5 — 7 Stud Hi-Lo: 1-Kenn Bennett; 2-“Saint Nick” Nickoll; 3-George McMaster.

Event #6 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Rod Brown, Pensacola, FL; 2-Fred Hanf, Humbolt Co., CA; 3-Chuck Christensen, Williams Lake, BC.

Event #7 — Crazy Pineapple Hi-Lo: 1-James Keane; 2-Tom Hunt; 3-Shelly Aford.

Event #8 — Limit Omaha Hi-Lo: 1-Nino Pigato, Bremerton, WA; 2-Dewy Cheaten, Yelm, WA; 3-Stuart Newman, Reno, NV.

Event #9 — 7 Card Razz: 1-Allen Nelson; 2-Dave Davenport; 3-Cliff Martin.

Event #10 — Limit Hold'em: 1-B.Powell, Folsom, CA; 2-D’arcy Christenson, Williams Lake, BC; 3-Rit Radford, Ocean Springs, CA.

Event #11 — Pot Limit Hold'em: 1-Jimmy Rico; 2-Ira Eisenberg; 3-Chuck Leonard.

Event #12 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-Jim Foley; 2-Mike Atlas; 3-Nicholas Finamore.

Event #13 — 7 Stud: 1-Chuck Christenson; 2-Gloria Tschetschot; 3-Art Bracken.

Event #14 — Limit Omaha Hi-Lo: 1-Tam Ho, Reno, NV; 2-Kurt Kirner, Colorado Springs, CO; 3-Stuart Newman, Reno, NV.

Event #15 — No Limit Hold'em: 1-Mike Majeris; 2-Chuck Frank; 3-Tom Herata.

Event #16 — No Limit Hold'em: 1- “Hippy” John, Reno, NV; Jim Keane, 2-Las Vegas, NV; 3-Bud I