Splash ready to surface from murky depths

Oct 22, 2002 1:53 AM

   This week I went to the re-opening of Splash at the Riviera. It was déjà vu all over again. The show actually regained some of the luster it enjoyed when it was on top in the mid 1980s. As you know, it became waterlogged over the years as the producers tried to tweak it with goofy gimmicks ranging from drugged crocodiles to interactive water-guns in the orchestra seats.

   But the latest edition is actually entertaining. Even the show’s founder and former Riviera owner, Meshulam Riklis, addressed the audience in a hopeful plea for support. All that was missing was Pia Zadora and Splash creator Jeff Kutash. I guess you can’t have everything.

   I recently saw Kenny Ortega with Siegfried & Roy. Kenny was originally brought in to help Darren Romeo choreograph his show, which closed at The Mirage. Kenny says they’re revamping the show and it will re-appear as a nighttime production. We’ll see.

   At Caesars Palace there is much to do with the showrooms. Caesars Park Place Entertainment is doing a big promotion for Celine, as we said before. Even Caesars Palace can’t be excluded from rumors. Is the Magical Empire going to close?

   Most of the shows at The Venetian Showroom have been given their walking papers. “V” has a final call, as does Sourire, closing October 23. Contrary to being accused of getting on a soapbox, Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance will open sometime in November. If this show, which was a smash at New York-New York, can’t make it at The Venetian, somebody should call the paramedics and check for a pulse.

   Actually, other shows in town are searching for new venues and closings will be announced. One of them is the Bluenote’s Tease which had a run of sorts, but a dispute with the landlord resulted in the show pulling out.

   You have to give it to George Maloof and the Palms Resort & Casino. The resort has found the right entertainment mix. Ozzy Osbourne will be performing at Rain in the Desert at the Palms on Friday. With Ozzy’s better half, Sharon, and I do mean better half, recovering from cancer surgery, his appearance here might be a sign things are going well. Sure hope so. We all know Sharon is the one that holds everything together for Ozzy.

   The Legends Hall of Fame at the Tropicana gave a big party. Jack Jones pulled out as host at the last minute, but Lou Rawls stepped in and he was brilliant. For me the highlight of the evening was Mamie Van Doren. Mamie is 70 plus but looked incredible. Norm Crosby was funnier than ever. This year Legends induction was being filmed for a later date on television.

   Over at the Excalibur, the Thunder from Down Under is doing a big business. Excalibur is revamping their lounge, which is good news. Sheena Easton still wowing them at the Hilton. The wonderful Lance Burton is redoing his show. The Society of Seven will open Oct. 24 at the Aladdin.

   For me, the funniest news of recent is that Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson will be married at the MGM, on stage. The announcement came from Hank Williams, Jr. Talk about strange. The big event is supposed to be Nov. 9. Hope to be invited to see this one; it could be the weird-out of the season.

   Halloween! Halloween! It’s fast approaching. That one holiday that legitimately allows everyone to dress with the flare I possess throughout the year. For those interested in combining the Halloween holiday with a little shopping they need to check out the Silver State Market Place at Sam Boyd Stadium. Anyone wearing a costume will be admitted at no charge and the vendors will be offering treats.

   This columnist wants to thank the adorable Rita Rudner for graciously allowing us to use her room at New York-New York on Nov. 3. The film crew will be on my heels for two weeks as I make my rounds in my Rock Mobile.

   We want to send our sincere sympathy to Duke Morgan’s wife, Dandi Cazeau Morgan, whose mother recently passed. Our prayers are with you.