On seventh week,the dawgs rested

Oct 22, 2002 5:20 AM

   After working on the world for six days, the Man upstairs rested on the seventh.

   Taking a cue from the great creator, the dogs played their hearts out for six weeks and then finally collapsed from exhaustion on the seventh. The faves ambushed the dawgs 8-4-1, winning more games than the point-getters for the first week this season! Who would have imagined the dogs could have mustered a six-week run?

   Denny The Dog must have had a hunch the run was coming to an end as he squeaked out a 7-5-1 mark on a very bad day to bet a dawg. The dogs deserved a day off. Maybe they’re not as great a creation as the world. But the dogs are still quite a force to reckon with, running over 62% for the NFL season. The dogs saw all that they had made and it was good!

   CHIEFS (+3) over Raiders: Home dogs aren’t as hot as dawgs in general, but they’re still nearly 60 percent. Priest Holmes will be in trouble with higher-ups if he keeps running through defenses weekly. Chiefs score 30 points per game but give up 33. But that’s enough to win the money here. Raiders on a two game losing streak after 4-0 start.

   Bears (+1) over VIKINGS: What a difference a year makes! All bounces went Bears way last season but not this year. Vikes have big trouble. Mike Tice’s troubles started when he announced Randy Moss was going to receive the ball on a big percentage of the plays — whether he’s open or NOT! Culpepper forcing the ball into triple coverage and has no one to hand the ball off to run.

   Falcons (+5½) over SAINTS: Looking for a small letdown after emotional win over Niners. Michael Vick brings a special dimension to the QB position, rushing for nearly 100 yards last week. Atlanta D will also help keep this game within a field goal.

   Browns (+3) over JETS: What a performance by Chad Pennington, who threw only five incomplete passes on 29 attempts — even though it was the Vikings. But I think the Jets took advantage of an extra week of practice and an extremely confused and pressing Vikes’ club. Vikes just try to ram it into one guy, Browns can spread it out and have four targets at WR.

   RAVENS (+6) over Steelers: I like what the Ravens are doing on D without Ray Lewis. Pittsburgh has a short week. Redman and Heap have become a dangerous duo. And Jamal Lewis rushing over 100 yards has also helped the Ravens win three of their last four.

   Lions (+7) over BILLS: Bledsoe, Moulds and Henry have been lighting up the scoreboard all season long. In Miami the Bills found their defense. I think Ray Lucas had something to do with that discovery. I need more than one game of D before I’m onboard as a Bills’ fave booster!

   Bucs (-7) over PANTHERS: Three weeks of magic for Carolina. After missing three squeakers and a blowout for four straight losers, the Panthers might try to pull a QB out of their hat this week. Chris Weinke suffered a major blow to the head and Fasani (third QB on the depth chart) did not look ready.

   BENGALS (+6) over Titans: Tennessee has knocked out the QB in their last two games. But the home dog has not won a game yet so beware of the hungry home dog!

   Seahawks (+2½) over COWBOYS: Quincy Carter having trouble moving the offense. Carter threw four picks Sunday. Dave Campo looks terrible. I think the hot air of Jerry Jones’ breath is beginning to blow his body up like a hot air balloon. Trent Dilfer not moving the offense much better but I’ll give him the edge with Shaun Alexander over Carter and Smith.

   Cards (+8½) over 49ERS: Agreed, Niners have the better team. But I disagree on this number. Niners a little overrated in this game.

   Broncos (+3) over PATS: Pats were on a three game skid prior to the bye. I have no reason to believe they’ve corrected all their troubles in two weeks. Pats still have to prove they can run the ball and stop the rush. So far this season they’ve done neither.

   Texans (+11) over JAGS: Brunell wasn’t real sharp coming off his concussion. Texans due for a good road game, haven’t had one yet this year.

   SKINS (+5) over Colts: Spurrier likes the spotlight and he has one on national TV right here. Skins have been beat up two straight weeks. Should muster an all-out brawl at home since they haven’t won here since opening day.

   Giants (+6½) over EAGLES: Philly came up with tremendous effort over Bucs last Sunday. G-men have had an extra week to prepare. I have to believe they’ll be dangerous with the points.

LAST WEEK: 7-6-1 (Includes Seahawks loss last Monday nite)

SEASON: 56-41-4

BEST BETS: 12-8-1