Hand-held device keeps tabs on players

Oct 22, 2002 6:00 AM

Last week, Zeosoft and 4GL Solutions announced a new partnership to market a new player tracking device that can be used by casino managers.

The product, called the Zeosphere, is a handheld device that’s acts as a Palm Pilot-type of computer, which can deliver player tracking information to personnel such pit bosses, shift supervisors, casinos hosts, to name a few.

It has the capability to deliver real-time information such as players average bet, how much time is spent at the tables, wins, losses, customer information, and much more.

The information is stored in a database that can also be accessed through other Zeospheres. Thus casino personnel care share data without having to go back and forth to the main computer to download and track information.

The customer player information can be accessed at a later time for marketing and promotional purposes, as well as provide quality service to high-profile players.

Zeosoft, with offices in Scottsdale, AZ, Parsippany, NJ, and Tampa, Fl, produces high-tech systems for retail and institutional applications.

Founded in 1988, 4GL Solutions provides casinos, businesses and organizations with quick-response solutions for data management, and has developed solutions for such companies as Hilton Hotels, American Express, Unisys, Pacificare Health Systems, Rockwell International, City National Bank, Mattel Toys, and ITT Cannon.

"We are pleased to partner with 4GL Solutions in bringing the benefits of acting upon information and applications within the casino in real-time using advanced technology," said Mike Huestis, president and CTO of Zeosoft. "These new joint Player Relationship Management solutions provide a competitive advantage for the gaming industry to be able to analyze, predict, and maximize the value of each player relationship."

When asked what was on the horizon for Zeosoft and 4GL Solutions, Huestis said they are planning for an "On Demand Mobile Conferencing." It’s an added application that allows the device to be able to take pictures of a person, send them to Security Surveillance for facial recognition, and customer tracking on the casino floor in real-time.