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Tournament action heats up at Bellagio

Oct 22, 2002 6:14 AM

   Three special No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments will be held in the Bellagio poker room in December as multi-table super satellites for the World Poker Tour’s Battle of Champions tournament next April at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  The Battle of Champions pits the winners of each of the WPT’s 13 major tour events in this grand finale for the 2002-2003 circuit.

   The buy-in is $1,060 each for the Bellagio satellites, which will be held Dec. 15, 21 and 22 in the poker room.

   According to Bellagio Poker Host and Tournament Director Jack McClelland, winners of each of the Bellagio satellites will earn seats in the $25,000 buy-in Battle of Champions event.  This event will last five days, April 14-18, and will be run at the conclusion of Bellagio’s major 5-Star Poker Classic tournament, which starts April 2.

   The Bellagio 5-Diamond Poker tournament, another major competition, will be produced at the Bellagio later this year.  The 5-Diamond tournament will start on Dec. 2 and wind up with a two-day $3,000 buy-in No Limit Texas Hold'em championship event on Dec. 11-12.  Satellite play for this tournament will begin Nov. 30.  The Bellagio has already paid out more than $2.5 million in poker tournament prize money so far this year.

   The Bellagio also continues to conduct its $540 buy-in 5 O’clock Friday Tournament series every week.  Satellites with entry fees of $70 are held each week on Thursday and Friday at 11 a.m., with the actual Friday tournament starting at 5 o’clock, of course.  Jan Siroky of Colorado won first place prize money of $6,984 this past week in the 32-player event.  Rocco Dipomazio of New Mexico was second ($3,880), and John Sabey of Washington finished third ($2,328).

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP OF POKER — Events began on Oct. 18 and conclude on Oct. 27 at Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, CA:

Event #1 — Limit Hold'em:  1-Ernesto Sebastian; 2-Eulises Sandoval; 3-Jerry Bremonte.

Event #2 — No Limit Hold'em:  1-Andom Ghebre; 2-Eric Arreca; 3-Eskimo Clark.

CARIBBEAN POKER CLASSIC — Tournament play opened at the Holiday Inn Aruba Excelsior Casino on Oct. 8, and concluded on Oct. 15:

Event #7 — No Limit Hold’em: 1-Robert Sturgeon, Los Altos, CA; 2-Scott Aigner, Dubuque, IA; 3-Melissa Hayden, Las Vegas, NV.

Event #8 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Susie Isaacs, Las Vegas, NV; 2-Ken Baker, Fargo, ND; 3-David Plastik, Las Vegas, NV.

Event #9 — Pot Limit Omaha:  1-Dave Ulliot, England; 2-Scotty Nguyen, Henderson, NV; 3-Ram Vaswani, London, England.

Event #10 — Tag Team Hold'em & 7 Stud:  1-Bonnie Damiano & Chris Bigler; 2- Robert Williamson & Angie McCullough; 3- P. Ford & J. Nathan.

Event #11 — 7 Stud: 1-Ilari Sahamies, Finland; 2- Chris Bigler, Switzerland; 3- Anne Duke, Las Vegas, NV.

Event #12 — No Limit Hold'em:  1-Enrique Vegas, Venezuela; 2-Mary Locher, Venezuela; 3-Simon Lawlor, England.

FALL POKER CLASSIC — This second annual tournament opened play on Oct. 5 and continued through Oct. 18 at Canterbury Park Casino:

Event #11 — Omaha Hi-Lo:  1-John Olson; 2-James Livingston; 3-Troy Carpenter.

Event #12 — 7 Stud:  1-Tony Townsend; 2-Tom Cawley; 3-D. Ness.

Event #13 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Bill Knight; 2-Kevin Burnett; 3-Tim Wong.

Event #15 — Limit Hold'em: 1-Dan Bakker; 2-Tom Orr; 3-Mike Day.

Event #14,16 — No Limit Hold'em:  1-Joe Brodsky; 2-Bill Eichel; 3-Bill Knight.