World famous Lettermen come to Vegas

Oct 29, 2002 12:28 AM

   Over the past 40 years, the Lettermen have been captivating audiences worldwide.

   Original founder of the band, Tony Butala began singing at the very young age 8. After a few years, he moved to California and became a member of the Mitchell Boys Choir. Also performing with such stars as Connie Stevens, he then developed the well-known Lettermen. Their sound has adapted well to the ever changing trends in music.

   Donovan Tea, originally from Houston, began professionally singing at age 17 when he won an International Competition in England. After touring in Europe, he returned home to sing in the Hollywood bowl with the L.A. Master Chorale. He’s also performed with such stars as Sammy Davis Jr., Rich Little and Tony Bennett.

   The newest member, Darren Dowler, was destined to be a singer. He’s also an actor, dancer, guitarist, and songwriter. He played a small role in the television series soap opera As The World Turns, which led to other roles in Swamp Thing, The Adventures of Superboy, and other roles on MTV. He’s also done voice-overs for childrens shows such as The Reppies, as well as impersonations for a multitude of different celebrities.

   With massive universal appeal, The Lettermen have also made appearances in such places as Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, France and even Canada.

   Don’t miss this wonderfully talented group. You can see them at the Orleans on November 1-3. For tickets and show times call The Orleans at 636-7075.