Our confusion ends

Oct 29, 2002 1:24 AM

   The GamingToday staff has unkindly nicknamed Michigan State coach Bobby Robinson, "Ball of Confusion."

   And, it's not because we dig the Temptations, which we do

   Anyone still left on the Michigan State bandwagon needs to dismount. The Spartans again disappointed the house and treated bettors to another excellent payoff after

easily falling to Wisconsin as a four-point underdog, 42-24.

   The line opened at Wisconsin -1.5 as our staff happily watched the number steadily rise. Robinson’s standard confused look on the sideline matched ours in past weeks when we continually picked the Spartans.

   We wised up and joined the bettors, who enjoyed an outstanding 8-1-1 record in games with line movements of 2 1/2 points or higher.

   Overall, bettors were a solid 25-17-7 (59.5 percent) in the 49 games listed on the rotation.

   The wiseguys again showed their smarts in the obscure UAB-Army matchup. Birmingham opened as an 11 1/2-point favorite and was bet down to 7 1/2.

    The Army money easily covered in a narrow 29-26 loss. Hardly Notre Dame-Florida State in importance but, in betting, an opportunity is an opportunity.

   Speaking of Florida State, it's time to call a Bowden a Bowden. This is the worst coached FSU team in two decades.

Whether it's Bobby, his hats, staff or team IQ, this is a group prone to mistakes. On the other hand, Ty Willingham has made Notre Dame efficient, unbeaten and spread winners.

   At night we also rejoiced in Alabama's easy win and cover against Tennessee as a 2-point road dog, 34-14. All Tennessee has shown this year is an overweight coach and bad weather.

   As for the NFL, we’ll let Andy Iskoe do the talking. Anyone who goes 14-0 deserves the floor.


MAJOR MOVES--2.5 pts or higher.

NCAA   (players 8-1-1)

Team      Open Close   Score               WIN

Mary-Duke   M-10  -13.5   M 45-12   B

UAB-Army    U-11.5   -7.5   A 29-26   B

KSt-Baylor   K-29.0   -32.0  K 44-10   B

Wis-MichSt   W-1.5   -4.0   W 42-24         B

USC-Oreg   O-1.5 U-1.0   U 44-33   B

BoiSt-SJSt   B-14.0   -17.0  B 45-8      B

WshSt-Ari   W-9.0   -12.0  W 21-13         H

N.Ill-W.Mi   pick   N-3.0   N 24-20   B

Kent-Buff   K-7.0 -4.0   K 16-12   P

UtSt-LaM   U-8.5 -6.0   L 51-48   B

B--bettors, H--house, P””push


NFL WEEK 8 — 1.0 pts or higher

(house 2-0)

Team       Open  Close   Score    Win

Tenn-Cin   T-6.5  -5.5   T 30-24   H

Sea-Dal    D-1.5 -2.5   S 17-14   H