Bledsoe set to rub salt in Pats wound

Oct 29, 2002 1:26 AM

   Ooooooh, those hard workin' dawgs!

   After taking a one-week vacation they were back on the job Sunday. The puppies won the money in 7-of-11 matchups. That's 7-of- 8 NFL weeks the dogs have outnumbered the favorites. Here should be a sign at the entrance of every sports book in town that reads "Beware of Dogs!" You're cashing in at a rate of 60 percent if you're betting with both fists on dogs only.

   Ooooooh those tricky dawgs! Lets hope they haven't used up all their tricks and treats by Halloween. There's still another half of the season to go. Lets go grab our share of the candy!

   BILLS (-3) over Pats: I remember a time not so long ago, when Belichick's boys struck fear into the hearts of opponents. Didn't they win the Super Bowl last January? Not even a bye could help the Pats bounce back. When you can't run and you can't stop the run, you might just find yourself 3-4 and in a heap of trouble. Might not be a more explosive set of offensive names than Bledsoe, Henry, Moulds and Price. Throw a little white snow on Bledsoe's beard and he might just come down the Bills chimney and slip a playoff berth under the Christmas tree.

   Vikings (+7) over BUCS: Tampa Bay fans might be happy with Gruden sitting at 6-2. But Jon sure didn't bring much offense with him. And he doesn't need much the way the Bucs' D attacks. Only three opponents have made it to double digits. Vikes hoping Bennett will kick their running game over 100 yards like he did last week. Culpepper starting to cut the forced errors down.

   FALCONS (-4) over Ravens: There's no pick in Michael Vick. And that's a mighty scary statistic you can't overlook. Vick's gone 163 passing attempts without an interception. And he's soooooo fast! Rumor has it that they turn the lights out at the stadium before Vick goes out the door and he's in his car before the park goes dark!

   Eagles (-5) over BEARS: Can't remember the last time the Bears won the money. Struggling in all areas of the game. Philly is better on both sides of the ball and special teams. Bears can't match McNabb, Staley or the intensity of the D!

   BROWNS (+3) over Steelers: This game often decided by a kicker's foot. Steelers a much better team with Tommy Maddox at QB. But if Browns can find a way to slow Bettis or Zereoue the Browns cover. Browns seem to find a way to keep it close, whether it's a thrown helmet, recovering an on-side kick or blocking a field goal!

   LIONS (-2) over Cowboys: What happens to Joey Harrington in the second half? Lions only 2-5 but are on a two game win streak at home and haven't lost the money in a month! Lions will welcome sight of Chad Hutchinson after being sliced and diced by Drew Bledsoe. Now that Dallas has proven they know how to set a record, lets see if they remember how to find a way to win!

   Bengals (+3) over TEXANS: Paper bags over the heads are a must now for Bungles fans. When you're a dawg to an expansion team you've hit rock bottom. What more can you say than 0-7 for the fourth time in 10 years! Pride is at stake here. Bengals can't let Texans grab third win before they snatch number one? Corey Dillon ran over 130 yards and will be the key here.

   Titans (+3) over COLTS: Neither club a bargain. Titans, at 3-4, had to come back from 14 points to beat Bungles. Colts probably in worse shape because expectations were higher. If Edgerrin James hasn't lost his edge, he's certainly lost a step.

   CHARGERS (-7) over Jets: There's no team in football hotter than San Diego. Chad Pennington may be the QB of the Jets future. But that great future will be beyond this game. Brees has more experience and the more talented supporting cast.

   49ers (+3) over RAIDERS: Oakland was 4-0 and Super Bowl bound. Now they've dropped three straight and the whispers of "too old" are turning to screams. This game could signify a changing of the guard. In with the young and out with the old!

   CARDS (+5) over Rams: Still waiting for Jake Plummer to step up to the plate. I liked what I saw from the Rams in the last two games prior to bye. They put the ball back in the hands of Marshall Faulk. Can't pass up what I believe is an extra two points of over-inflation.

   SEAHAWKS (-2) over Skins: Seattle hasn't won at home since Vikes on week four. All out assault here with Trent Dilfer down and out. Spurrier finally relented on the Chuck-N-Duck and went to a more controlled offense featuring Stephen Davis. Skins, still giddy over Colts upset, come down to earth here.

   Jags (+4) over GIANTS: G-men still beat up after physical game with Eagles. May look past the Jags here.

   Dolphins (+6) over PACKERS: Both teams coming off byes. Favre will keep the streak alive but will play with a brace. That's not his style. Take the points, they've been good to the dog backer all season!

LAST WEEK: 8-4-2

(Includes Steelers win last Monday night)

SEASON: 64-45-6

BEST BETS: 14-8-2